Jimmy Fallon Joked He 'Almost Got a Lap Dance' from Mick Jagger During Rolling Stones' Live Performance

Jimmy Fallon Joked He 'Almost Got a Lap Dance' from Mick Jagger During Rolling Stones' Live Performance
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The Rolling Stones, an iconic band, had an exclusive listening party on 19th October to commemorate the release of their most recent album, Hackney Diamonds. Numerous celebs were present at the glitzy event held at Racket in the Chelsea district of New York City. As per Popfiltr, there were no phones allowed at the event, allowing for an unadulterated, live music experience. With only 500 seats available, the evening became a star-studded event, with prominent personalities from the industry being in attendance. In specific, veteran comedian Jimmy Fallon was also present and revealed something humorous about the music event on his show. Fallon told the studio audience that he didn't anticipate seeing them perform live before the band took the stage. The band was so close to him that he believed, "I was getting a lap dance from Mick Jagger." 

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As per MSN, the longtime fan of the legendary band continued, "It was unbelievable. And they came out, and they just showed everybody how you do it, which is like, no tricks, no computers, no anything. Give me a guitar, give me a microphone, let me show you how to rock out." Fallon added, "And they destroyed."

Meanwhile, the guest list was basically a roster of famous people from pop culture, including Chris Rock, Daniel Craig, and Mary-Kate Olsen. Hackney Diamonds is a project that includes songs with the late Charlie Watts and former member Bill Wyman, making it more than just another album in the Stones' catalog. It's a cross-generational and cross-genre collaboration with guest appearances by the likes of Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Paul McCartney. Rolling Stone Blues, the album's closing track, also pays homage to the Muddy Waters song that gave rise to the band's moniker. 

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Lady Gaga made a cameo with the band for an encore, surprising Fallon with her unexpected presence. The The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host also stated, "I mean, all-timer performance." Fallon revealed that Keith Richards would also be appearing on the show after stating that "Keith was on fire"— and on cue, this is precisely when Richards himself emerged on the set, grinning and waving to the jubilant crowd.

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The late-night host has never hesitated to express his admiration for the Rolling Stones. To the frontman's satisfaction, he has also improved his Mick Jagger impression over time. The two were well-known for their roles in a 2013 Saturday Night Live comedy in which Fallon played Jagger's mirror image.

Image Source: GettyImages| Photo by Jo Hale
Image Source: Getty Images| Photo by Jo Hale

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As per reports, there has been considerable disagreement over how to evaluate the album, with some critics appreciating its modern flare and collaborations and others viewing it as a desperate attempt at one more smash-hit record number. However, it was a brilliant move to include Gaga during their electrifying performance. The Judas hitmaker blended together different musical genres and generations in one evening, and the act was truly enjoyed by those stars present at the launch party. 

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