Jennifer Lopez Spends Time Away From Husband Ben Affleck, Goes On Night Out With Pals

Jennifer Lopez Spends Time Away From Husband Ben Affleck, Goes On Night Out With Pals
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New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is popular for portraying the latest trends in the fashion realm, but for Jennifer Lopez, it also bestowed an opportunity to enjoy some quality time apart from her husband, Ben Affleck. JLO, the 54-year-old pop sensation made her appearance in the bustling streets of New York City earlier this month, joining a stellar lineup of guests at the biannual fashion extravaganza. However, what caught the attention of fans was Lopez’s solo appearance, without 51-year-old Affleck, who reportedly stayed back in Los Angeles with their respective children.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer

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According to insiders, this short-term distance may have just been what the couple needed the most. A source told Heat magazine, “Jen has stopped acting so needy and started to enjoy the space they have had lately. It’s opened her eyes to how much fun she can have without Ben – especially as he can be such an awkward bore at these events." The source added, "She’ll spend time with him soon enough, but catching up with her family and fashion friends on the East Coast has been a breath of fresh air.”

Lopez has rekindled the freedom to connect with her friends and colleagues, and it seems to have rejuvenated her zest for life. While there is no indication of any trouble between the lovebirds, it’s certain that a little space can be a breeze of fresh air for any relationship.



Perhaps what Lopez cherished the most during her solo time was the ability to be herself without any judgment. The source as per Mirror emphasized, “These are the people who Ben would roll his eyes at and cross the street to avoid, but Jen loves sipping cocktails with the fash-pack without worrying that [recovering alcoholic] Ben will disapprove or be tempted." The source continued, "It’s done them the world of good and she’s not missed him one little bit!”

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For Lopez, this solitary outing during NYFW facilitated a rare chance to jump back and enjoy a solo night out, something she had been craving in her life for far too long. The source added, “It’s been a long time since Jen got to kick back and enjoy a solo night out and, in hindsight, she sees that it was something she was seriously lacking in her life for way too long." The source explained, "She’s not a person who enjoys being a full-time housewife – which, ironically, is the life Ben left behind when he divorced Jennifer (Garner). He’d moan back then that he craved excitement and spontaneity – which is what he gets now – but he can’t seem to handle it.”

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It is a demonstration of the ever-changing dynamics and individual needs within their union. In the grand picture, the power couple Lopez and Affleck’s relationship seems to be as strong as ever, and their momentary separation during NYFW served as a gentle reminder that a little space can add a pinch of thrill and rejuvenation to even the most enduring love stories. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and Lopez's solo adventure in New York City was a testament to that sentiment.

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