Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Relationship Issues Stem From Their Pets at Home: Reports Reveal

 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Relationship Issues Stem From Their Pets at Home: Reports Reveal
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In the sprawling mansion that Hollywood power couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck call home, a new source of tension has reportedly emerged, and it's not the kind you'd expect from A-list celebrities. Reports by MARCA reveal it is the couple's furry companions include eight dogs and one cat. 

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | 	Frazer Harrison
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Frazer Harrison

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Radar Online has shed light on the little disagreements between the couple that involve taking care of the pets and taking part in sharing the responsibility of caring for the not-so-desirable task of cleaning up after the pets are done with nature's calling. An eyewitness account paints a picture of chaos, with untrained dogs causing a ruckus, barking incessantly, and engaging in lively pursuits around the house, often targeting their feline friend.

Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer


A source close to the couple shared with National Enquirer that JLo is taking the lead in trying to rein in the unruly pets, constantly urging her husband to step up or, at the very least, "pick up the poop." Affleck, on the other hand, is rumored to be considering a more hands-off approach, looking to resolve the issue by hiring someone else to handle the dirty work. This rumored decision seems to have struck a nerve with the versatile singer, who, as per the insider, is of the opinion that Affleck has more than enough time to play a role in the pet care responsibilities.


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Lopez perceives it as a question of principle, hinting that Affleck might be choosing the "easy way out" by opting to hire help instead of getting his hands dirty. The canine saga goes beyond mere cleanup, with the dogs displaying a clear affinity for Affleck. Witnesses claim that the canines eagerly flock to him, whining when he leaves, and requiring treats from JLo to calm down. As this Hollywood pet predicament unfolds, only time will tell whether Affleck will heed the call to become a more hands-on pet parent or if the couple will continue to navigate this particular aspect of domestic life in the spotlight.

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Meanwhile, Lopez and Affleck's Californian abode has become a focal point of fascination. Situated at Wallingford Drive in Beverly Hills, California, the mansion is supposed to be the home sweet home of this Hollywood power couple. However, what many might not know is the dark history that shrouds this opulent property, as per Page Six. One anecdote traces back to former owner Curtis D. Somoza, now serving a 25-year sentence for orchestrating a notorious Ponzi scheme. Somoza's fraudulent schemes led to the exploitation of 64 individuals. The eerie revelation has left fans and followers a bit worried about the couple's choice of future home. Following Somoza's ownership, the mansion fell into the hands of Saudi Prince Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud in 2015.

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