Hunter Biden's Daughter Naomi Reportedly 'Vandalized' the US Capitol in 2011, Prompting His Apology

Hunter Biden's Daughter Naomi Reportedly 'Vandalized' the US Capitol in 2011, Prompting His Apology
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Hunter Biden's now 29-year-old daughter, Naomi Biden, allegedly 'vandalized' the United State's Capitol back in 2011 while she worked as a Senate Page. The then 17-year-old allegedly 'deformed' the Dome, prompting her father [Hunter] to apologize to the head of the page program at the time, as per the New York Post

Image Source: Getty Images |  Kevin Dietsch
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Kevin Dietsch

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Apparently, the teenager Naomi was a student at Washington D.C.'s elite Sidwell Friends High School when she landed a gig as a page for Nevada Senator Harry Reid. At the time, Reid was the chamber's majority leader, and her grandfather, Joe Biden, was Barack Obama's Vice President. 

Naomi was given a tour of the prestigious Capitol Dome in June 2011 along with another page. To witness the inside of the building is typically something that is ordinarily reserved only for members of Congress and their guests. However, oblivious to the honor they received, Naomi and her fellow page allegedly disfigured some of the walls. 

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The president's granddaughter was held accountable for the act. "It was vandalism," declared one of Reid's staff. "I remember perfectly. On the tour of the rotunda, when you go up to the top of the Dome, they carved their names into the stone." They continued, "It's up at the very top, so you can only have a couple of people up there at a time. It would have had to have been on the tour. There is no way they could have gotten up there at any other time."  

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Consequently, the officials had to re-do the walls of the historic U.S. Capitol. "They had to bring in architects and everything to buff it out," revealed the ex-staffer. The U.S. Capitol building is a rarely accessed area where the Senate pages are allowed to visit on tours. Another insider said Joe Biden was informed of the misconduct. It also reached her father, Hunter, who felt remorse for his daughter's alleged 'vandalism.'

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In 2011, 53-year-old Hunter was busy with various business deals, including some with foreign business partners. However, he acknowledged the gravity of the misconduct and wrote to the longtime boss of the Senate Page program, Elizabeth Roach. The e-mail from June 30, 2011, was obtained from his abandoned laptop. 

Image Source: Getty Images | Mark Ralston
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Mark Ralston


The e-mail read, "I am Naomi Biden's Dad. I cannot express how sorry I am for Naomi's behavior. I have been in meetings all day and just heard . . . what happened." Hunter subtly defended, "As soon as Naomi is finished work today, I will be speaking with her. I am very disappointed in their behavior but understand that the intent was not malicious." He elaborated, "Nevertheless, I am very, very upset," adding, "I fully understand the gravity of the situation, and I assure you I will make certain Naomi understands the same."  

Image Source: Getty Images | 	Samuel Corum
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Samuel Corum


The head responded within an hour. Roach wrote back, "Thank you for the e-mail and for reinforcing to Naomi the gravity of the situation." She added, "I instructed the pages to write apology letters to the sergeant at arms and the deputy sergeant at arms. Naomi wrote very appropriate notes to each of them." 

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