‘The View’ Fans Are Left Amazed as Co-host Joy Behar’s Age Gets Revealed on Her Birthday Celebration

‘The View’ Fans Are Left Amazed as Co-host Joy Behar’s Age Gets Revealed on Her Birthday Celebration
Cover Image Source: Youtube | The View

Joy Behar, The View's renowned co-host, recently celebrated her birthday with a surprise on-air party that left viewers both surprised and inspired. Viewers couldn't help but marvel at Behar's continuing vigor as age was revealed and she expressed her thankfulness for being alive. Let's take a look at Behar's birthday party and fans' reactions to her incredible journey.

Image Source: Youtube | The View
Image Source: Youtube | The View

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Behar, one of the most famous daytime talk shows, was delighted with a touching on-air birthday celebration on Friday, ahead of her birthday on Saturday, October 7. The show began with a happy song and a giant birthday wish projected on the screen, which set the tone for the festivities. The surprise continued as Joy and her co-hosts settled down, with Sara Haines shouting, "It's Joy's birthday!"

Behar's reaction was priceless, as she cried, "Oh dear God!" Her aversion to discussing her age is well-documented, but her co-hosts were eager to make her special day memorable. "I know you hate to talk about your birthday," Ana Navarro sang, per The Sun. "But, today is your birthday, na na na na na."



Behar, on the other hand, remained modest, responding with a breezy, "Whatever," as her co-hosts burst out laughing. Hostin, observing Joy's restrained excitement, joked, "She doesn't look that excited." Behar then expressed her genuine feelings, adding, "I can't get excited. I'm just glad I'm alive." "You get to a point in the morning where you wake up and you go, 'I'm still here. My God!"

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Behar's age was a shocking surprise for fans. The legendary co-host, who continues to captivate audiences with her wit and wisdom, turned 81 on Saturday. Fans from all corners expressed their surprise and admiration for her youthful appearance and indomitable spirit.


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Social media platforms, particularly X (previously Twitter), were flooded with birthday greetings and praises for Behar. "Yeah, we should all be glad we are alive, Joy, and you don't look one ounce your age! #TheView." Another admirer remarked on her ability to walk gracefully in high heels, writing, "Real talk tho’ #TheView Joy looks good for her age and the fact she’s able to walk in those shoes is AMAZING."

Several fans joined in, underlining her ageless beauty. "Joy looks good to be 81 years old. #theview," one fan wrote on Twitter. Another fan said, "Love her or hate her, but you cannot honestly sit there and say Joy Behar doesn't have it going on to be 81! Happy Birthday to last OG standing. LOVE me some Joy! #TheView."



Behar's continuing influence and personality were not lost on her ardent followers. One follower wrote, "Happy Birthday on Saturday diva, 81 looks good on you!! Your name epitomizes what you bring to the show: JOY. Thanks for sharing your view with wit & humor. We appreciate your fighting spirit for our democracy! @JoyVBehar #TheView."

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