Everything to Know About VP Kamala Harris' 'Fight for Our Freedoms College Tour'

Everything to Know About VP Kamala Harris' 'Fight for Our Freedoms College Tour'
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Vice President Kamala Harris has accomplished so much in her term alongside President Joe Biden. Although her presence in the White House has met with a few challenges, Harris has simply marched ahead and is diligently working on making an impact. The Vice President seems to have a burning passion for helping the youth of the country and has actively expressed her thoughts on the same. She had recently announced a nationwide “Fight for Our Freedoms College Tour” to educate young adults about basic rights and how to fight for them.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Al Drago-Pool
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Al Drago-Pool

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According to a statement released by The White House, Harris and her team are geared up for what has possibly been one of the most impactful tours. The aforementioned tour was spread out over two months. In addition to that, she's personally visited seven different colleges across the country.



The goal of her rally across colleges was organized to “mobilize young people in the ongoing fight for fundamental freedoms and rights”. Harris emphasized topics such as reproductive freedom, gun safety, climate action, voting rights, LGBTQ+ equality, and book bans. This event as labeled by representatives of hers was a “high-energy and large-scale” event. 


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Harris said in a statement with reference to the event, “This generation is critical to the urgent issues that are at stake right now for our future.” She added her belief that the solutions to the aforementioned problems lie with none but the youth of America. Harris referred to the youth, who are already creating waves of grave concern. Be it climate change or LGBTQ+ rights, “My message to students is clear: We are counting on you; we need you; you are everything,” said Harris.


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When it comes to locations, they’ve been picked based on categories such as being a historically black college or university, a Hispanic-serving institution, community colleges, apprenticeship programs, and lastly, state schools. Apart from delivering motivational and invigorating speeches, the Vice President aimed to highlight accomplishments from the Biden-Harris Administration concerning the youth.



Furthermore, the alleged summit featured not just Harris but other students belonging to the aforementioned categorized institutes. These pioneers of tomorrow all spoke from their personal experiences fighting for the rights mentioned earlier. These were all the academic institutions Harris has visited:

1. Hampton University in Hampton, VA 

2. North Carolina A&T in Greensboro, NC 

3. Reading Area Community College in Reading

4. Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA 

5. University of Wisconsin-Madison in Madison

6. College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, NV 

7. Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ 



Since election season is nearing, Harris also encouraged youth to become registered voters. This is to enable them to learn how to effectively use their voice and choice to pick good and responsible leaders for the nation. Her tour concluded on the 17th of October earlier this week and has reportedly been a great success.

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