Donald Trump’s Startling ‘Pee Tape’ Confession Leaves Jimmy Kimmel Stunned : “A Reboot”

Donald Trump’s Startling ‘Pee Tape’ Confession Leaves Jimmy Kimmel Stunned : “A Reboot”
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The late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel recently discussed a peculiar moment from former President Donald Trump's recent event that has reignited an infamous rumor about the alleged "pee tape". During a speech at an event in Las Vegas on October 28, Trump referred to the scandalous allegations contained in the discredited dossier compiled by ex-British spy Christopher Steele, mentioning "golden showers" and raising eyebrows once again.

Image Source: (L) Getty Images | Photo by RB. (R) Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney
Image Source: (L) Getty Images | Photo by RB. (R) Getty Images | Photo by James Devaney

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On the October 30 episode of his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Kimmel amusingly labeled this as "a reboot" of the alleged 'pee tape' Russia was rumored to possess, reports Y! Entertainment. He couldn't help but highlight the absurdity of Trump's comments, quipping, "Admitting that you have a problem is the first step. Good idea bringing that one back up. I had almost forgotten about it."

The mention of the "golden shower" resurfaced as Trump recounted a peculiar anecdote from his life, as per the reports from OK Magazine. He said, "How about going home to my wife in the shower, y'know? The golden shower, they called it. And I had to explain that to our great first lady... The golden shower was a problem for me."



This eyebrow-raising reference to the alleged incident has drawn attention and generated numerous reactions. Kimmel's response added a comedic touch to the situation, emphasizing the curious choice of words and the controversy surrounding the former president. Aside from this peculiar reference, Kimmel has been at the forefront of political satire and commentary. He recently served up a sharp mockery of Trump Jr. during his testimony in a $250 million fraud lawsuit against the Trump family business, initiated by the New York attorney general. The case revolves around allegations of fraudulent documents concerning the financial status of the Trump Organization.

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Cover Image Source: Getty Images | 	Jeff Swensen
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Jeff Swensen


In a light-hearted yet scathing comment about Trump Jr., Kimmel remarked, "The fraud-igal son was being grilled as part of the $250 million case against their business." Kimmel didn't hold back, even sharing a cringe-worthy moment when Trump Jr. made a witty remark about regretting not wearing makeup as photographers lined the courtroom. Kimmel humorously referred to him as the "tiny Soprano," alluding to the popular TV series, The Sopranos.

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Kimmel continued to poke fun at Trump Jr., stating, "Here’s the thing about Don Jr. What he lacks in intelligence, he also lacks in charisma." This satirical commentary reflects Kimmel's no-holds-barred approach to political humor, which has resonated with many viewers and solidified his position as a prominent late-night host. Furthermore, Kimmel highlighted that both Eric and Trump Jr. would testify in the ongoing civil fraud trial. He concluded with a jest, saying, "and then Trump will claim he’s never met either one of them," underscoring the complex and often contentious dynamics within the Trump family.



In the world of late-night comedy, Kimmel remains a prominent figure known for his sharp wit and fearless approach to political satire. The recent resurgence of the "pee tape" rumor, courtesy of Trump's own comments, provided Kimmel with ample material to work with. As the political landscape continues to evolve, it's safe to say that Kimmel and his fellow comedians will remain ever-watchful for new material to keep us entertained and informed.

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