Charlie Sheen 'Changed His Tune' About Daughter's OnlyFans When He Saw the Paychecks

Charlie Sheen 'Changed His Tune' About  Daughter's OnlyFans When He Saw the Paychecks
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Charlie Sheen, the well-known actor, had a big change of heart about his daughter Sami Sheen's decision to join OnlyFans. It happened because Sami started making good money that she reaped from her unconventional venture into the world of adult content creation.

Image Source:  Getty Images | Photo by Don Arnold
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Don Arnold

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Sami, at the age of 19, decided to join the exclusive adult content platform OnlyFans, a choice that initially met with strong disapproval from her father, Charlie. In June 2022, Charlie expressed his sentiments to Page Six, making it clear that he did not "condone" his then-barely legal adult daughter's online activities. He emphasized that Sami was living with her mother Denise Richards and that her decision did not occur "under my roof." Despite his disapproval, Charlie encouraged her to "keep it classy, creative, and not sacrifice her integrity."



However, fast forward to a more recent development, and Sheen's perspective has taken a complete 180° turn. He now supports Sami's decision to maintain her OnlyFans account and has expressed this change in various interviews. The actor acknowledged that his initial reaction was influenced by the reputation surrounding OnlyFans but recognized that when it comes to one's child, a different set of emotions and considerations come into play. He stated, "I have to have confidence and just know in my heart that all of her virtues and all the wonderfulness that makes her, her, come with her. I believe her to be incorruptible," reports Radar Online.

Image Source: (L) Getty Images |  Photo by Mark Davis ; (R) Instagram | @samisheen
Image Source: (L) Getty Images | Photo by Mark Davis ; (R) Instagram | @samisheen

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Moreover, Charlie emphasized the importance of supporting Sami, along with her mother and others, in her endeavors. He understands that her OnlyFans venture can be a successful and positive experience, given the right backing. As for Sami, she expressed her newfound confidence in her body and has refrained from posting explicit content so far. However, her plans for breast augmentation could influence the direction of her content.

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Denise Richards, Sami's mom, and Charlie's ex-wife spilled the beans about Charlie's change of heart during an interview on Bethenny Frankel's podcast. She told the story of how Charlie's attitude shifted when he saw the big bucks Sami was making from her OnlyFans account. She humorously noted, "He changed his tune when she bought a Mercedes and moved into a house." 


The story of Sami Sheen's journey on OnlyFans sheds light on the changing landscape of income generation through platforms like these. Many personalities, including MMA star Paige VanZant and "plane lady" Tiffany Gomas, have attested to the platform's potential as a reliable source of income, sometimes surpassing earnings from traditional careers, reports Y! Life. Charlie's change of heart about Sami's OnlyFans account shows how people are starting to think differently about platforms like OnlyFans and other online money-making opportunities.

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