Trump’s Wiretap Claims Come Right Out Of The Russian Playbook

Trump’s wiretap claims may have been taken from a page out of the Russian playbook according to a former UK ambassador to the US, and if that’s the case, then both Americans and British people have something to be truly afraid of. According to Independent, Sir Peter Westmacott who served as the British ambassador to […]

Angela Merkel’s Meeting With Trump Has J.K. Rowling Making Funny Memes

Angela Merkel’s meeting with Trump last Friday ended in an awkward situation, but many people around the world chose to see the lighter side of the moment and one of those is none other than Harry Potter’s creator, J.K. Rowling. Angela Merkel and Donald Trump, two leaders who have been at odds with each other […]

Ben Affleck’s Rehab Involved Working With Horses

Ben Affleck’s rehab for alcohol addiction has just finished and, according to some reports, the unorthodox tactic of the clinic the actor went to might have helped him start his journey to long-term sobriety. Affleck, 44, has just announced last Wednesday, March 15, that he has completed his therapy. The Argo actor went on Facebook […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Done With The ‘Terminator’ Film Franchise

Arnold Schwarzenegger won’t get to say “I’ll be back” again seeing that the Terminator franchise has been terminated for good. According to reports, Schwarzenegger’s film franchise about an almost indestructible cyborg sent from the future has been scratched, meaning that the producers behind the successful film series will no longer put out another installment. According […]

Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Will Be Dubbed By Original Actors

Scarlett Johansson’s Ghost in the Shell could be going in the right direction with regard to acknowledging the original movie’s all-Japanese cast by getting back the original voice actors to dub the Japanese version of the live-adaptation film. It has just been revealed that the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live-adaptation movie will get the […]

Daylight Saving Time Experts Say That Moving Clocks An Hour Ahead Is Dangerous

Daylight saving time experts are now saying that the practice of moving clocks an hour ahead is more dangerous than helpful to most Americans. If that’s the case then why is the country still practicing it? According to Reuters, some experts on the matter are saying that the practice of daylight saving time can be […]

Amal Clooney’s Style Gained More Recognition Than Her Message At The U.N.

Amal Clooney’s style made headlines more than her message at the United Nations, which has irked some famous political figures. Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney attended a United Nations meeting to speak about the dire transgressions of the Islamic State group against Iraqis and other people. The lawyer, who represents WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, spoke […]

Trump’s Twitter Reaction To Obama’s Denial Of Wiretap Is Another Accusation

Trump’s Twitter reaction to former president Barack Obama’s denial of an illegal wiretap indicates that the current commander-in-chief is clutching at straws. After accusing former president Barack Obama of conducting an illegal wiretap on him during the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump continues to double down on his predecessor with another accusation. Now he’s saying […]

Tommy Page’s Death Mourned By Many Including New Kids On The Block

Tommy Page’s death shocked many in the music industry and one famous group that started the boy band craze went on social media to express their grief on losing an icon of 1990s music. Page was found dead last Friday (March 3) according to Billboard and based on reports it seemed that the singer/songwriter took […]

Natalie Portman And Husband Benjamin Millepied Welcome Second Child

Natalie Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied welcome their second child, a baby girl whom they named Amalia. According to Fox News, Portman and Millepied welcomed their new baby, Amalia, on February 22. This is the second child for the celebrity couple and their first daughter. Portman and Millepied’s son, Aleph, was born in June 2011. […]

‪‪Academy Awards‬‬ 2017: What You Could Expect To See In The Oscars This Year

The Academy Awards is hours away and the whole world is at the edge of their seats trying to figure out who will win, who will lose, and who will give the most memorable acceptance speech this year. The front-runner for bagging the Best Picture Award is the hit musical film La La Land. According […]

Jodie Foster‬, ‪Donald Trump‬, ‪Academy Awards‬‬ And A Time Of Protest

This year’s Academy Awards could be one of the most politically-charged events in the entertainment industry due to the situation that the U.S. is currently in and some of the stars are already voicing their opinions on Donald Trump even before the awards show has started. Jodie Foster was standing outside the offices of the […]

‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 News: Josh Gad And Celebs Ask Daisy Ridley For Spoilers

The latest in Star Wars Episode 8 news is scarce but that doesn’t stop people from trying to get as much information on the upcoming film and some of them are even trying to use their celebrity status to get what they want. One of whom is Josh Gad who’s been hounding his co-star, Daisy […]

Angelina Jolie News: Cristiano Ronaldo Joins Actress On TV Show About Syria

The latest in Angelina Jolie news features another celebrity of a different genre getting involved with the actress for something good. Real Madrid forward and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is joining Angelina Jolie in a TV show that will focus on the plight of Syrian refugees. According to Sky News, Cristiano Ronaldo has just been […]

Donald Trump Florida Rally Reinvigorates President, Promises To Go After Media

The Trump Florida rally is just what the 45th president needed — a horde of supporters giving him the adulation he’s craving to buoy his weathered spirit. Donald Trump went to Melbourne, Florida, last Saturday to hold a campaign-like rally and hundreds of loyal supporters dropped by to give their president the raucous support he’s […]

The Newest ‘Star Wars’ Episode 8 Poster Is Here And Rey Is Sporting A New Look

The Star Wars Episode 8 poster has been revealed and finally fans of the epic space saga get to see Rey and his cohorts looking cool and ready to battle against the First Order. According to Movie Pilot, the latest Star Wars Episode 8poster features the main protagonists of the first installment to the new […]

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Updates Include New Photos Of Marvel Villain And A Funny Video

The people behind Thor: Ragnarok have released more information about the upcoming Marvel movie and this time they’re letting fans know who’ll be the Asgardian’s toughest enemy. Also, they’re showing what Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is doing when he’s not battling with monsters. The latest updates on Thor: Ragnarok features the hero’s most intimidating enemy, one […]

The Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather Bout: What Can Stop It From Happening?

The Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather bout is getting closer to becoming a real thing when reports have flooded in that the two iconic fighters have agreed to fight. But knowing how evasive Mayweather is when it comes to actually agreeing to a fight there’s still no telling if this potential bout will see the light […]

‘New York Times’ Reporter In Trouble For Slut Shaming Melania Trump

A New York Times reporter is now in trouble for allegedly spreading unfounded rumors about Melania Trump. During a party last Sunday, a New York Times reporter was overheard saying that the first lady is a “hooker.” The inappropriate comment could have gone unnoticed had the reporter told someone else his/her tasteless remark but unfortunately, […]

‘SNL’ Trump Court Sketch Hilariously Skewers The President Once More

The SNL Trump court sketch is one of the highlights of last weekend’s episode, making fun once more of the current president of the United States of America. In the sketch, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump went to the reality court show, The People’s Court, to sue the federal judges who prevented him from implementing […]

Nintendo NES Classic Gets Hacked, Now Players Can Play Games From Other Consoles

The Nintendo NES Classic is the ultimate blast from the past enabling players to play with Nintendo games from the 1980s up to the 1990s. But the release of the miniature version of the classic gaming console has also opened up opportunities for hackers to test this console’s compatibility with other games and through sheer […]

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers Next Week: A Wedding Filled With Suprises

Days of Our Lives spoilers next week feature wedding surprises and more. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the moment that Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) have been waiting for will finally arrive and so far there seems to be no glitches that will stand in the way of their much-awaited wedding. This […]

‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Plot: Here Are More Details On The Upcoming Season

Stranger Things Season 2 plot details have just been revealed and it seems that despite escaping the Upside Down in the first season a lot of the people in Hawkins, Indiana are having a hard time coping with the aftermath. First up is Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) and according to the Stranger Things Season 2 […]

Melissa Mccarthy ‘SNL’ Sketch Earns Approval From Sean Spicer

The Melissa McCarthy SNL sketch may become one of the most lauded sketches in the history of the series and even the person she was lampooning said that it was “funny.” That’s right, Sean Spicer, the White House Press Secretary who Melissa McCarthy parodied in her SNL guest stint last weekend, said that the Bridesmaids […]

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers Next Week: Sally’s Plans Are Revealed

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers next week reveal that Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) is becoming more and more confident about her quest to dominate the fashion industry. Celeb Dirty Laundry posted a teaser video of Monday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful, and it showed Sally talking to someone and declaring that her […]

El Chapo Wife Denied Visits Due To Guzman’s History Of Prison Escapes

El Chapo’s wife, Emma Coronel, went to Brooklyn to support her husband while he is being tried for multiple murders and drug trafficking. Last Friday was the first time that the couple got to see each other since Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman Loera aka El Chapo was extradited to the United States to face prosecution for […]

The Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump Debacle Continues And Now It’s About Tax Records

The Arnold Schwarzenegger-Trump debacle is still going strong, and this time it’s the Terminator who’s taking a jab at the POTUS, and he’s using tax records as his ammo. Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donald Trump have been trading barbs ever since the Terminator took the latter’s position as the new host of The New […]

‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spectra Clan Is Back To Bring Down The Forresters

The Bold and the Beautiful Spectra invasion is well under way with the new Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) already letting some of the people know who’s the boss. informed their readers that the Spectra family is set to return to The Bold and the Beautiful to wreak havoc to the Forresters and show them […]

Barack Obama’s Vacation Outfit Shows He Is Enjoying Life After The Presidency

Barack Obama’s vacation outfit showed the rest of the world that the most popular former commander-in-chief of the United States of America is enjoying life after the presidency. The former president of the United States of America looked relaxed and ready to hit the beach when the media caught up with him on the British […]

Johnny Depp Allegedly Going Bankrupt Is Nothing New Among Hollywood Celebrities

Johnny Depp bankruptcy rumors may not be so surprising seeing how much the actor spends on so many expensive things. What may surprise some people is that a lot of celebrities like Depp struggle to stay afloat financially. According to Pakistan Today, the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been spending a […]

Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, And Others Gather For A ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Reunion

Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, and other cast members of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy gathered for a mini-reunion posting funny selfies that mimicked their characters on the films. Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen, and Billy Boyd joined Wood and Orlando Bloom for a Lord of the Rings mini-reunion with Monaghan posting many of their […]

General Hospital Spoilers: Tune In On Monday To See If Liz Is Seth’s Next Victim

General Hospital spoilers reveal that come Monday Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) might suffer the same fate of Tom Baker (Don Harvey) when she accidentally gets closer to the truth about the latter’s death. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, on Monday’s episode of General Hospital Liz seeks out Seth Baker (Michael Rodrick) to talk about Franco […]

Brad And Angelina’s Juicy Secrets Will Be Revealed In Filmmaker’s Upcoming Documentary

Brad and Angelina just can’t get a break when news came out that a filmmaker will release a documentary that promises to reveal juicy details about their doomed relationship. According to the Mirror, Ian Halperin’s next documentary will reveal secrets about the most famous celebrity couple in the world and the filmmaker says that there […]

Leah Remini ‘Conan’ Interview: Late-Night Show Host Admits Scientologists Contacted Him To Trash Remini

In the Leah Remini Conan interview, the late-night show host admitted that inviting the former Scientologist to his show sparked the anger of the religious sect. Remini, a former member of the Church of Scientology, has been on the warpath against her former religious sect with her A&E show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath […]

Trump Twitter Chicago Incident Update: Is Martial Law On The Horizon?

The Trump Twitter Chicago incident has sparked anger and fear among the people of the Windy City and around the nation hinting on more turbulent times ahead for everyone. Donald Trump sparked the anger of many Chicagoans when he posted a message on Twitter that sounded much like a threat to their city. Trump tweeted […]

‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Details: It’s Going To Be A Monster Showdown

Stranger Things Season 2 details are scarce right now, but the people who created the hit sci-fi series gave a few hints on what might come when the next season airs. The last time viewers saw the kids and adults in Stranger Things, everything in Hawkins, Indiana, sort of went back to its normal way […]

‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Teaser Shows Troubled Times Are Coming

The House of Cards Season 5 teaser was released on the same day of Donald J. Trump’s inauguration and though the timing may be coincidental and the two events are totally irrelevant to each other, some people couldn’t help but think that the trailer may be warning them of bad things to come both on […]

Donald Trump News Update: Even People In Antarctica Are Protesting Against The New President

In Donald Trump news, people around the world are gathering together not to celebrate the inauguration of the newest president of the United States of America, but rather to voice their fears and dismay over the new administration. The latest in Donald Trump news featured an irony that is hard to miss. President Trump spoke […]

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ News: Benedict Cumberbatch Gets Replaced As ‘Doctor Strange,’ Sort Of

In the latest Avengers: Infinity War news, Benedict Cumberbatch fans may be surprised that the British actor won’t be included in the first stage of production of the first installment to the upcoming Marvel film. According to several reports, Cumberbatch is busy filming another movie in 2017 and unfortunately production behind Avengers: Infinity War won’t […]

Mark Hamill Channels His Inner ‘Joker’ While Reading Donald Trump’s Tweets

Donald Trump’s tweets are once again grabbing the limelight but this time it’s not the president-elect who’s responsible for it. The man who is giving Trump’s tweets a life of its own is a famous Jedi master with a scary laugh. Mark Hamill, the actor who made Luke Skywalker a household name, is reading Donald […]

Carrie Fisher News Update: Disney Wants More Of Princess Leia

The latest on the Carrie Fisher news update suggest that Disney is in negotiations with the late actress’ estate to feature her epic Star Wars character in future films. Carrie Fisher died on December 27, 2016 from a massive heart attack. She was coming back to LA from London when a few minutes before the […]

‘House Of Cards’ 2017 Release Date: Will Netflix Release The Fifth Season On Inauguration Day?

House of Cards 2017 release date has not yet been confirmed but based on Netflix’s preference to release the political thriller it’s not far-fetched that they might show the fifth season this month or in February. There are also rumors that House of Cards Season 5 might be released on the day of the presidential […]

Ronda Rousey Loss Made Amanda Nunes Think That Former UFC Champion Is ‘Overrated’

After a second Ronda Rousey loss some fighters in the octagon are now thinking that the most feared female fighter in the UFC may not be as good as everyone thinks she is. At least that’s what Amanda Nunes, the most recent female fighter to beat Rousey, thinks so. Nunes is the second female fighter […]

Fort Lauderdale Shooter Update: Esteban Santiago Might Get Death Penalty The Fort Lauderdale shooter might face the death penalty for killing five people and seriously injuring six more when he opened fire on civilians at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on January 6. According to Fox News, Esteban Santiago, a former security guard from Anchorage, Alaska, might face the death penalty if he’s found […]

Inauguration Day 2017 Entertainment Update: Trump Struggles To Get Performers While Obama’s Farewell Party Is Already Filled To The Brim

Inauguration Day 2017 entertainment updates seem to show little improvement in the last few weeks. Until now, the president-elect is still finding it difficult to book performers for his special day, making it look like that the inauguration day 2017 entertainment segment will be a flop. Ironically, though, outgoing president Barack Obama already has a […]

Clinton News Update: Hillary’s Scandals Outweighed Trump’s On Twitter In 2016

In Clinton news it seems that Twitter was one of the biggest factors in her defeat in the 2016 US Presidential Elections. Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 US Presidential Elections came about due to several factors. Some say it was due to her longtime association with Washington and that most Americans are looking for […]

IMDB ‘Sherlock’ Trivia: Freeman’s Real-Life Relationship Is Like Fiction Imitating Reality And Cumberbatch’s Lineage Is Like Destiny

IMDB Sherlock trivia seems like fiction is trying to bridge with reality when the two stars of the hit BBC show are closer to their fictitious roles than what others may think. For those who haven’t watched the first episode of the fourth season, it would be best not to read on as there are […]

‘Star Wars’ Episode 8: Carrie Fisher Finished Her Scenes Before Passing Away

Star Wars fans won’t have to worry about Princess Leia not making it to Episode 8 because according to sources involved in the production Carrie Fisher was able to finish her scenes before she passed away on December 27. In Episode 8 Carrie Fisher will still be part of the cast portraying her role as […]

Celebrity Deaths December, 2016: Carrie Fisher Doesn’t Want To Be Remembered For Her ‘Star Wars’ Slave Costume

Celebrity deaths in December, 2016, have been too much to bear, and one of the recent deaths that a lot of people are finding difficult to accept is the passing of renowned actress and writer Carrie Fisher. Fisher suffered a heart attack minutes before her flight was about to arrive in L.A. She was on […]

‘Alien: Covenant’s Katherine Waterston Talks About Her Character And What Drives Her

Alien: Covenant is scheduled to hit theaters on May 19, 2017, which is still a long wait to go. Fortunately, the star of the upcoming film shared a few details about her character and what motivates the newest heroine in Ridley Scott’s latest sci-fi masterpiece. Katherine Waterston, the star of Fantastic Beasts and Where to […]