Natalie Portman And Husband Benjamin Millepied Welcome Second Child

Natalie Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied welcome their second child, a baby girl whom they named Amalia.

According to Fox News, Portman and Millepied welcomed their new baby, Amalia, on February 22. This is the second child for the celebrity couple and their first daughter.

Portman and Millepied’s son, Aleph, was born in June 2011.

The couple started dating in 2009 after they met on the set of Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan where Portman played the lead role of a ballerina haunted by her ambition to be the best ballet dancer in the industry. Millepied worked in the film as the choreographer.

Portman took home the Oscar for Black Swan that year, winning in the Best Actress category.

It cemented her status in Hollywood as one of the elite actresses in the film industry and she became even more visible in the mainstream media after appearing in the 2011 Marvel movie Thor and the 2013 sequel Thor: The Dark World, which were both commercially successful.

Relocating to Paris

So it may have come as a surprise that Portman moved to Paris with her husband Millepied after the latter became the director of dance of the Paris Opera Ballet in 2013.

The couple relocated to France and Portman even stated that she would like to become a French citizen in due time.

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But the Parisians’ strict compliance to social protocol seemed to turn off the award-winning actress and in 2016, Natalie Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied moved back to Los Angeles along with their son, Aleph.

Portman had a chance to tell her fans what it was like living in Paris and according to her interview with Jimmy Kimmel at the latter’s talk show, her time in the City of Lights was anything but warm.

She told the comedic host that returning to Los Angeles was quite shocking for her because of the warm smiles she would receive from random strangers. Portman said that when she was in Paris, people there were more rigid or “cool” towards her.

Portman told Kimmel, “I feel there’s a lot of rules of politeness and codes of behavior there you have to follow. It’s a lot looser here. [In the U.S.] you care about making the person next to you comfortable because you want them to feel good.”

Portman added that even when she’s shopping in Paris, there are certain social protocols that she must adhere to otherwise she might accidentally rub the French the wrong way.

The director of A Tale of Love and Darkness said that a friend of hers taught her the proper etiquette when shopping at a store in Paris.

Portman’s friend told her that upon entering a store, one must greet the employee there “bonjour” first before proceeding to look for items that one would want to buy.

Portman added, “So if you go into a store you can’t be like, ‘Do you have this in another size?’ or they’ll think you’re super-rude and then they’ll be rude to you.”

Fortunately for Portman, she’s back in more comfortable grounds and the people in Los Angeles are much more cheerful according to her.

Missing the Oscars

Returning to more familiar grounds boded well for Natalie Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied when it resulted in another baby in their family.

Portman had to miss the recent Academy Awards and the Independent Spirit Awards because of her pregnancy.

According to USA Today, Portman canceled her plans to attend the 89th Academy Awards because she recently gave birth to baby Amalia.

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Portman was nominated for another Academy Award for her work on Jackie, a biopic about the former first lady after the assassination of her husband President John F. Kennedy.

Portman told the media that she was honored to be nominated for such an important role but because of her pregnancy, she wouldn’t be able to attend the prestigious awards ceremony.

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