‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Updates Include New Photos Of Marvel Villain And A Funny Video

The people behind Thor: Ragnarok have released more information about the upcoming Marvel movie and this time they’re letting fans know who’ll be the Asgardian’s toughest enemy.

Also, they’re showing what Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is doing when he’s not battling with monsters.

The latest updates on Thor: Ragnarok features the hero’s most intimidating enemy, one whose power and affinity for destruction rival even the Hulk’s.

Comicbook.com revealed some set photos of Thor: Ragnarok and it shows the Asgardian god of thunder battling against a monstrous looking creature and being chained to what looks like giant horns.

According to the site, the horns in the photo represent the Norse figure, Surtr, but in the Marvel comic books he’s referred to as Surtur.

Surtur is the fire demon from Muspelheim, which is another realm that is totally consumed with fire; think planet Mercury but with a giant demon in it.

Comicbook.com says that it was confirmed that Surtur will be the Asgardian’s enemy in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film when the producers announced their villain during the San Diego Comic Con last year.

Surtur is not an easy enemy to defeat as proven in the comic books as he is just as powerful as Thor, or perhaps even more.

And while Thor carries his magical hammer the demon from Muspelheim will be carrying a sword that can cut through anything.

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Comicbook.com was able to share some details about Surtur’s introduction in the movie when one of their writers attended last year’s Comic Con and saw the first footage of Thor: Ragnarok.

Lucas Siegel of Comicbook.com said, “The shot is early; they’ve literally been shooting this film for five days, and this is probably test footage. Hulk is roaring, jumping from some crazy height, ready to fight. As he dives to what’s below him, everything around him is on fire – and that’s when you realize, there’s a face, and out of that face a louder scream than the Hulk’s. It’s Surtur, the fire demon of Muspelheim.”

Not only was Siegel able to feature Thor’s newest enemy but he was also able to confirm that the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) will be there to battle against the fire demon, although, it seems that he might meet his match in Surtur.

Other reports suggest that the Hulk might also fight against his ally, Thor, when a concept artwork of Thor: Ragnarok was released showing the two Marvel superheroes engaged in battle.

[Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

Games Radar revealed the poster image of Thor and the Hulk slugging it out with the green monster wielding a battle axe, for the first time, while the Asgardian god blocks it with his trusty Mjolnir.

According to Games Radar, Thor: Ragnarok will feature a scene where Thor and the Hulk will fight against each other in an intergalactic arena all for the amusement of the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum).

In other news, a recently released video shows the lighter side in Thor’s life when he’s not hammering evil monsters into oblivion. The new video shows Thor spending his down time with his new flat-mate, Darryl.

Marvel released a teaser video of Thor during the release of Captain America: Civil War and it showed what the Asgardian god of thunder was doing when everyone else was busy fighting each other.

The latest video is a continuation of Thor’s mundane adventures when he’s not out with the Avengers battling super-villains and in the new video he’s fighting a different kind of battle wherein he tries to convince his roommate that he’s pulling his weight in their flat.

In the teaser video for Thor: Ragnarok, Darryl and Thor are arguing on how the Asgardian god will pay the rent for the flat.

The two flat-mates argue over the financial worth of a pumpkin, a goblet and some weird-looking coins seeing that Thor wishes to pay his share of the rent with these items.

The teaser video for Thor: Ragnarok also shows the Asgardian god showing off his huge muscles to his doughy flat-mate while telling him that he’s a lot smarter than he is because of his several bulging muscles.

Watch the video below and you’ll understand why. Thor: Ragnarok will hit theaters on November 3 this year.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]

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