Rihanna On Chris Brown: I Thought I Could Change Him

Rihanna, despite her fame and popularity, apparently fell into the same trap that keeps thousands of women in abusive relationships: She thought her love could change her abusers behavior. Rihanna and her then-boyfriend Chris Brown made headlines in 2009 when news broke that the reason they missed the Grammy awards was because he had beaten […]

Kaley Cuoco Horses Around With The Force

Kaley Cuoco, star of The Big Bang Theory, appears to using equine therapy as she moves on from her brief marriage. People notes that Kaley Cuoco has filled her Instagram account with photos of herself and her four legged friends. Most recently, Kaley Cuoco took part in a charity event that featured costumed riders. Kaley […]

Jennifer Lawrence: President Donald Trump Would End The World

Jennifer Lawrence battles the evil President Snow as the character Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games films, but the actress said Donald Trump would be far worse if elected president of the United States. According to People, Jennifer Lawrence made the comment while promoting her latest film The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. “If […]

Kylie Jenner App Tops iTunes Most Popular List

The Kylie Jenner App is more popular than Facebook and Instagram, at least in terms of iTune downloads. According to Tech Times, 18-year-old reality TV star Kylie Jenner took to social media to thank her fans for downloading the app. “I can’t believe it. I love you guys. Can’t wait to post more tomorrow,” Kylie […]

Donald Trump Continues To Question Obama’s Birth, Religion

Donald Trump was making headlines for questioning the place of birth and religion of President Barack Obama as far back as 2011. Now as a potential candidate for president, Donald Trump finds himself tied to the “birther” movement again. A voter asking a question at a Donald Trump rally last week raised eyebrows when he […]

The Scorch Trials Burns Competition, Still Disappoints At Box Office

The Scorch Trials, the second film in the Maze Runner series, looks to have taken first place in its debut weekend at the box office, but its totals are still a disappointment to studio executives, who were hoping for a bigger showing. Entertainment Weekly reports that The Scorch Trials raked in around $30.3 million over […]

Mahmud Abbas Slams Israel For ‘Attack’ At Al-Aqsa Mosque

Mahmud Abbas, the Palestinian president, condemned what he called an “attack” by Israeli police forces following a clash that marred the start of Rosh Hoshanah. The conflict, which took place in the morning as Jews were preparing to celebrate their New Year, happened near the Al-Aqsa mosque. According to NDTV, Mahmud Abbas issued a statement […]

Germany Implements Border Checks Amid Refugee Influx

Germany is the latest country to have to examine its immigration policy as thousands of refugees fleeing violence in the Middle East make their way through Europe. Fox News Latino reports that Germany will be implementing border checks along its border with Austria. According to the website, the announcement was made Sunday by Thomas de […]

Amanda Knox Conviction Was Based On Flawed Case

Amanda Knox, the American student once convicted of murder in Italy, saw her conviction overturned in March. The court that set aside the conviction issued its formal written explanation this week, offering a scathing criticism of the prosecution’s flawed case against Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito. The case against Amanda Knox began […]

Surge Citrus Soda Returns To Shelves

Surge, a sugary, caffeine-packed soda popular in the 1990s, was last mass-produced in 2003. The end of the product line never sat well with Surge fans, however, and they lobbied for more than a decade to for its return. Coca-Cola, the company behind Surge, relented in 2014 and made a limited run available on Amazon. […]

Pope Francis Gets His Own Cable Channel

It will be all Pope Francis all the time when the Catholic pontiff makes his first visit to the United States. Cable giant Time Warner Cable has announced it will create a special channel dedicated exclusively to Pope Francis when he visits. The New York Times reports that major broadcast and cable news channels are […]

‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Gets Mixed Reviews

Fear The Walking Dead, AMC’s new zombie show, premieres Sunday, and online reviews are starting to pop up. So, what’s the verdict? Will the show be a survivor or will it be DOA? The answer depends on who you ask. According to Adweek, zombie fans will love Fear the Walking Dead. In a recent article, […]

Duggar Family Still Committed To Religious Beliefs

Facing one scandal after another, the Duggar family is standing firm behind their religious convictions. Eldest son Josh Duggar has been at the center of the storm since May when allegations that he molested five girls as a teenager surfaced. More recently, it was revealed that he had been a member of adultery site Ashley […]

Ranger School Punishes Men And Women

The U.S. Army’s elite Ranger School has been in the news lately because of its first ever female graduates, but another story emerging is just how brutal the training program can be. Ranger School is what stands between soldiers, both enlisted and officer, and membership in one of the country’s most elite military units. The […]

Duggar Family Makes Redneck Joke On Facebook

The Duggar family may no longer be on TLC, but they are still active on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. E! Online is reporting that a photo of extended Duggar family member Ben Seewald working outside took an interesting turn with a joke that played on the potentially offensive term “redneck.” The post on […]

Elvis Presley Stamps Released Early

Elvis Presley is still the King as far as his fans are concerned, and many of them are celebrating the release of a new set of Elvis Presley “Forever” stamps from the U.S. Postal Service this week. One lucky Elvis Presley fan even managed to score three sheets of the sought after stamps two days […]

Johnny Depp Supergroup To Play In L.A. And Rio

Johnny Depp is known these days for his acting, but before his big break in A Nightmare on Elm Street, he dreamed of becoming a rock star. Nearly 30 years later, those dreams are about to come true. Johnny Depp is one part of the supergroup Hollywood Vampires and Billboard is reporting that the group […]

Is ‘Fantastic Four’ Cursed?

The latest film version of Marvel’s Fantastic Four comic book franchise took a clobbering during its opening weekend, and the beat down has more than a few people wondering if the project is cursed. The Washington Post was just one of many media outlets to note the rebooted Fantastic Four failed to achieve any kind […]

Amy Duggar Holds Bridal Shower At Dillard’s Department Store

Amy Duggar won’t see her wedding televised like some of her cousins, but the aspiring musician is still getting star treatment as she prepares for her big day. Us Weekly reports that after Amy Duggar registered at Dillard’s, the department store chain reached out to her, offering to host a bridal shower in her honor. […]

Breaking: Malaysian Prime Minister Confirms Wreckage Is From MH370

The Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed that the recently discovered wreckage is from missing flight MH370. The Hindu is reporting that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak officially confirmed early Thursday local time that a Boeing 777 wing segment discovered on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is from Flight MH370. “The international team of experts have […]

Denis Leary Wants To Know What’s Wrong With Jon Stewart

Denis Leary has long been known for expressing his frustrations in exasperated rants, and now he’s turning his sharp tongue on Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who is preparing to retire from the show after nearly 16 years on the air. Entertainment Weekly reports that Denis Leary was the guest on Tuesday’s episode of The […]

‘Deadpool’ Trailer Coming Tuesday

Deadpool fans attending Comic-Con in San Diego last month were the first to see the trailer for the upcoming film of the same name, but the rest of us will be able to see it on Tuesday. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the Deadpool trailer will be screened during a Tuesday night appearance by star […]

Pirate Bay Ban Expands To Austria

The Pirate Bay is losing safe havens around the world, and it appears Austria will be the next location to prohibit access to the online pirating site. Torrent Freak reports that an injunction ordering an Austrian Internet service provider to block The Pirate Bay has been issued by a judge there. The order comes as […]

Donald Trump Lawsuit Has No Merit, Chef Says

A lawsuit filed by Donald Trump against celebrity chef Jose Andres is totally without merit, according to the chef. The Washington Post reports that Donald Trump filed the $10 million lawsuit Friday. In the filing in D.C. federal district court, Donald Trump claims that chef Jose Andres caused financial damages when he pulled out of […]

Channing Tatum Sticking With ‘Gambit’

Channing Tatum has closed the deal to play superhero Gambit, despite rumors this week that he was leaving the role for other options. Variety reports that Channing Tatum is officially on board with the project which will see the cajun mutant Gambit in his own film. The character has been a member of the X-Men […]

Is The Duggar Family Going Broke? Maybe Not

The financial status of the Duggar family, rocked by scandal in recent weeks, is the subject of much speculation. This week, some sources alleged the family was broke, and others indicated the opposite. Numerous outlets, including Design and Trend, have written about the request for support added to the Duggar YouTube channel. In the wake […]

HBO Now Is Coming To Verizon Wireless

HBO Now, the cable company’s fledgling streaming service, will now be available to a much wider market thanks to a deal announced Tuesday with Verizon. Variety reports that Verizon has agreed to sell HBO Now to its broadband customers. Under the agreement, HBO Now will be available to both Verizon’s wireline customers and its 100 […]

Netflix Bringing More Marvel Characters To The Small Screen

Netflix is poised to bring a host of characters from the Marvel comic universe to the small screen. According to Time, Netflix has announced plans to release a new Marvel show every six months. The streaming service and comic company last partnered on Daredevil, which premiered on Netflix in April. A second season is in […]

Tom Cruise Up For ‘Top Gun 2’ But With A Catch

Tom Cruise last felt “the need, the need for speed” nearly 30 years ago, but he said recently that he’d dust off his aviator glasses for Top Gun 2 as long as the planes aren’t made with computers. Reuters reports that Cruise spoke about Top Gun 2 while attending the premiere of his latest Mission: […]

Clinton Emails Had Classified Information Says Inspector General

Emails sent by then-Secretary of State Hilary Clinton from her private server contained classified information, according to an investigation conducted by the inspector general for the intelligence community. CNN reports the inspector general’s findings were revealed in a letter about the Clinton emails sent to members of Congress. IG Charles McCullough reportedly inspected a sampling […]

Jake Gyllenhaal Still Misses Heath Ledger

Jake Gyllenhaal is known for taking daring roles, most recently as an intense boxer in Southpaw, but the actor recently revealed he still has tender feelings for his Brokeback Mountain co-star Heath Ledger. According to NPR, Jake Gyllenhaal still thinks about Ledger and misses him in profound ways, even though it has been more than […]

Def Leppard Guitarist Just Says No To Trump Introduction

Days after a report that Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump planned to introduce Def Leppard at the band’s Iowa State Fair performance, members of the British group are saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Billboard reports that Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell took to Facebook upon hearing the news. In his post, Campbell said Def Leppard […]

New Kurt Cobain Photos Emerge Online

Kurt Cobain, the legendary frontman of the grunge rock act Nirvana, died 12 years before Twitter ever existed, but a user of the social media site has given fans the opportunity to travel back in time and see previously unreleased photos of the Seattle-based band’s first concert. Billboard reports that Seattle teen Maggie Poukkula unearthed […]

Beautiful Winner: Joe Dirt 2 Racks Up More Than 1 Million Views

Joe Dirt 2, which is subtitled Beautiful Loser, is proving to be anything but a loser for Crackle, the video streaming service that released the movie on July 15. In Joe Dirt 2, David Spade reprises his role as the mullet-wearing title character who was last seen in the 2001 original. Entertainment Weekly reports that […]

Obama Makes Final Visit To ‘The Daily Show’ With Jon Stewart

The Daily Show is welcoming back some high profile guests who all want to get in one more appearance before long-time host Jon Stewart retires later this year. Perhaps highest among them is President Barack Obama, who appeared on the Daily Show Tuesday. Obama is no stranger to the the Daily Show, having made a […]

Benicio del Toro In Talks To Play ‘Star Wars’ Villain

A Star Wars villain is usually a memorable character, and, if rumors are true, veteran character actor Benicio del Toro could soon be joining the rogues gallery. In true Star Wars fashion, nothing has been confirmed, but multiple sources are reporting that del Toro is being considered to appear as a Star Wars villain (if […]

Anthony Hervey, Black Confederate Flag Supporter, Dies In Crash

Anthony Hervey, an African American who was a vocal supporter of the Confederate flag, died Sunday in a motor vehicle crash. The Associated Press reports that Hervey was driving a Ford Explorer Sunday when it ran off a Mississippi highway and overturned. According to reports, Hervey swerved and lost control while arguing with the occupants […]

Grooveshark Founder Dead At 28

Grooveshark co-founder Joshua Greenberg was found dead Sunday, but the cause of death was not immediately clear. According to CNN, Greenberg, who founded Grooveshark with friends in 2006, was reported dead by police in Gainesville, Fla. Police said it did not appear that the Grooveshark founder was the victim of either foul play or suicide. […]

Gawker Editors Resign Amid Controversy

Gawker, the New York-based gossip site, has some staff vacancies this week after two editors resigned their positions in the wake of the publication of a controversial article. USA Today reports that Tommy Craggs, executive editor of Gawker Media, and Max Read, editor-in-chief of Gawker, resigned their positions after a decision was made to pull […]

Liquid Detergent Pods Endanger Children

Liquid detergent pods offer convenience for those who have to tackle mountains of laundry each week, but increasing evidence is showing the brightly-colored plastic pouches are simply too dangerous for houses with small children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has been warning of poisoning danger related to liquid detergent pods going back at least as […]

Amy Schumer’s ‘Star Wars’ Photoshoot Was Never Authorized

Amy Schumer’s photos with Star Wars droids in the latest issue of GQ have gone viral across the internet, but it now appears that the funny lady failed to license the characters. Mark Seliger took the photos of Schumer for the August issue of GQ. The set includes photos of Schumer in the iconic Slave […]

Bill Clinton Says He Made Prison Problems Worse

Bill Clinton‘s days in politics may be over, but the former president is making headlines by admitting that a crime law he championed in the 1990s has actually made things worse for U.S. prisons. Clinton made his remarks during an NAACP convention in Philadelphia. CNN reports that Clinton said he wanted to admit the failure […]

Tom Petty Regrets Using Confederate Flag

Tom Petty, a singer known for his easy-going manner, has found himself in the middle of the ongoing controversy surrounding the Confederate battle flag. It was 30 years ago that Petty, who was raised in Florida, released the album Southern Accents. In an essay published by Rolling Stone, Petty said growing up in the south […]

Duggar Family Seeks Prayers For Pregnant Anna

The Duggar family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of its newest member: the fourth child for son Josh and his wife Anna Duggar. The Gospel Harold reports that the Duggar family is asking fans to pray for Anna who is now four days past her due date. A photo posted on the Duggar family official […]

Eurozone Remains Intact For Now, Future Still Uncertain

The Eurozone was spared an exit from Greece after a bail-out deal was reached this week, but the long-term viability of the economic union remains in question. Eurozone leaders have been meeting for months to discuss ways in which Greece can repay its massive debts, but the Greek people have been resistant to previous proposals, […]

Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman May Never Return To Prison

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman remains on the run days after an elaborate prison escape and the possibility exists that he may never be found. El Chapo, a nickname which translates as “the midget” or “shorty” in Spanish, had been serving out a prison term following his 2014 arrest for crimes related to his activities as […]