Man Dies Of Flesh-Eating Vibrio Vulnificus Bacteria After Tattoo Session

Flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio Vulnificus is starting to resurface in the Gulf and this man who just finished with his tattoo session wasn’t too lucky. CNN reports that the flesh-eating bacteria called Vibrio Vulnificus has again caused another man his life. It all started with a tattoo on his right leg, which depicts a photo of […]

Top ‘Overwatch’ Player Hacks To Rank: DDOS Attacks Abound

Beware the DDOS! This top Overwatch player is a hacker! Overwatch players are going to forums to relay their DDOS stories, in which they are forcibly disconnected from their games by hackers to rank up on competitive play, Blasting News reports. So it’s a few more days before Overwatch wraps up its anniversary event. And […]

E3 2017 Rumors: All The Signs ‘Starfield’ and ‘Elder Scrolls Skyrim’ VR Is Happening At The Bethesda Panel

E3 2017 is just around the corner, which means this is the perfect time for us to make stir up some rumors and draw out the leaks. And this time, it’s Bethesda on the spotlight. We love Bethesda because they’re one unpredictable piece of meat. We still haven’t gotten over the hundreds of fun we […]

Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman Versus Superman? Sure!

We’re all looking forward to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in her upcoming titular movie. And as the Amazon superhero makes her entrance into the DC extended universe, we’re wondering how she can fare against her male counterparts. Forget Batman v Superman. How about Wonder Woman versus Superman? Wonder Woman is the epitome of beauty […]

iPhone 8 To Feature 5G Internet Speed Being Tested By Apple?

Will the upcoming iPhone 8 ship with the newest 5G wireless internet technology being set up by Apple? Fans sure hope so. Time are changing and as the demand for internet and mobile data increases, the need for better and faster wireless internet speed also arises. Various companies and providers are already dabbling into 5G, […]

Original ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Cast Was Trained By ‘Star Wars’ Darth Vader

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is phenomenal on the theaters right now and the original Pirates of the Caribbean cast shares some interesting set stories, including being trained by Star Wars’ Darth Vader himself. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise first debuted in 2003 with Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse […]

One Direction Split Caused Harry And Liam Fallout?

It’s been a year since the One Direction “hiatus” but, of course, we’re still hoping! The One Direction supposed split in 2016 came as a shock to millions of fans worldwide. Many wept for the group’s decision to take a break, having become one of the most famous Hollywood stars during their run. But as […]

‘Harry Potter’ Moving Photos Will Be Real In Near Future, Thanks To New Research

Harry Potter’s magical moving photographs is now the future of paper—and this will be made possible by the University of Surrey. Harry Potter’s magical world continues to enchant and charm many fans all over the world, even years after its final chapter came to a close. In fact, the Harry Potter universe that J.K. Rowling […]

Legendary Pokemon Watch Is Nintendo Switch Price Times 860

This Pokemon watch should be every Nintendo fan’s dream. The Pokemon franchise, both its anime and games, has developed a huge cult following over the years. It has given birth to many successful game titles for many Nintendo consoles—and on the mobile platform, too—that has many Pokemon fans throwing their money at the Pokemon Company. […]

Brad Pitt’s New Netflix Film ‘War Machine’ Is So Expensive And Mental You’ll Love It

Brad Pitt will be bringing a whole new level of mental and egoism to Netflix with War Machine, a film about a man trying to change Afghanistan. There’s no new anything to war films these days. It’s all explosions, deaths, the pains of suffering and loss. This is why no matter how politically significant war […]

iPhone 8 To Release Non-Voice-Operated Siri With Text, Image, Video Recognition

An improved Siri accompanies the new iPhone 8 at release date and adds value to iPhone 8’s hefty price. We’ve just learned from Forbes that Apple is poised to release what could be the most expensive smartphone to date. The anniversary iPhone, which the internet has dubbed the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, is said […]

Kpop Group Triple H Defends Explicit ‘365 FRESH’ MV Controversies

Triple H members HyunA, Hui, and E’Dawn talk about their debut track “365 Fresh,” and address hate towards the Kpop unit’s MV. Last March, we’ve heard from Cube Entertainment that Kpop star and musician Kim Hyun-ah—or most commonly known as HyunA—was forming a new Kpop sub-unit. Shortly after, just last month, Soompiconfirmed that HyunA will […]

Miss USA 2017: Immigrants Shine In Pageant After Donald Trump Leaves Company

Looks like Miss USA pageant 2017 is now a safe haven for immigrant contestants with Donald Trump out of the company. The subject of immigrants in the US has been very hot for the past few months ever since Donald Trump became the President of the United States. POTUS Donald Trump has been very vocal […]

Donald Trump Impeachment Ratings: More People Betting POTUS Won’t Complete 2017 Term

Will Donald Trump get impeached by the end of 2017? Well, more and more people believe that Donald Trump will not come out of 2017 still as the President of the United States—and they are so confident they are betting real money on it. The gambling industry has really expanded in the last years, and […]

WWE News: AJ Styles And Undertaker Secret Friendship And Rivalry

We all wanted that AJ Styles and Undertaker WWE match. But that’s just not happening anymore. Rumors about a WWE match between AJ Styles and the Undertaker has been circulating since 2016. Imagine the dream match between the Phenom and the Phenomenal One—it’s like a WWE match made in the stars! IWNerd reported last year […]

Gong Yoo Plans After ‘Goblin’: Nude Scenes, Song Hye Kyo Tandem

Korean actor Gong Yoo has been enjoying international fame as of late, thanks to the global success of his movie Train To Busan and Kdrama Goblin.Goblin has just wrapped up and his fans are already clamoring for more of him. So where are we next seeing Gong Yoo? We have been spotting Gong Yoo in […]

Proving Donald Trump’s Travel Ban Is Unconstitutional: Appeals Court To Hear Controversial Executive Order

Will challengers of Donald Trump’s travel ban finally win and prove that the controversial executive order is unconstitutional at the upcoming federal appeals court hearing? When Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13769, entitled Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States—known to many as the travel ban—in January 27, the whole world […]

Superheroes Will Make The MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017: ‘Wonder Woman’ And ‘Spider-Man’ To Drop Previews

There are three things we are most looking forward to at the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017: the lot that Beauty and The Beast will be taking home, how Adam Devine will make the awards night funnier and more interesting, and the two superhero movies that will drop some major trailer at the awards […]

Chris Brown The Party Tour Concert: Why People Are Still Supporting Him

Chris Brown has had a long and complicated history. Is he a good musician? Undoubtedly so. This singer-songwriter possesses a voice that comes only one in a million—maybe a billion. He has also made and brought life to some generation-defining hits like “With You,” “Superhuman,” “Forever,” and his longest-running No. 1 hit, “Run It.” But […]

All Four Super Mario Titles Lined Up For Nintendo Switch, Including Crossover Rabbids Game

There are only three main reasons why Nintendo is still alive to date: Zelda, Pokemon, and Super Mario. And it will surely not come as a surprise that Nintendo will be milking these three franchises to make sure the Nintendo Switch stays the success that it currently is. To say that the Nintendo Switch is […]

‘Outlander’ Season 3: Creator Confirms Air Date, Cast, Plus Season 4 In The Works

Good news, Outlander fans; new updates on Season 3 and Season 4 straight from the series creator and executive producer! Netflix has had its share of great original series and Hulu is throwing its hat in the mix with the new TheHandmaid’s Tale. Now Starz is also upping their game with Outlander, a TV series […]

Forget ‘Battlefront II,’ Play 2015 ‘Battlefront’ Like A Legit ‘Star Wars’ Movie With This PC Mod

You’ll never play vanilla Star Wars: Battlefront again after you’ve seen this cinematic remake — and this is while fans wait for Battlefront II, of course. Fans have seen the trailer and the photos, and they are very excited for Star Wars: Battlefront II. But November, 2017 just isn’t close enough to satiate our Star […]

‘Pokemon GO’ Fires Up Lured PokeStops In 2,500 McDonald’s Outlets In Limited Time Event

Pokemon GO fires up millions of Pokemon trainers this week as they turn 2,500 McDonald’s outlets to permanently-lured PokeStops this week. It’s always nice to be in Japan when it comes to gaming because Japanese people tend to get the newest, the best, and the exclusives, whatever platform we’re talking about. And Pokemon GO is […]

Overwatch: Datamined Audio Teases Moon Map Following Blizzard’s Uprising Event

What’s next after the Overwatch Uprising event ends today? A new moon map and possibly a trip to Winston’s home planet. It’s been a fun few weeks atOverwatch with the Uprising event, which is set to culminate today, May 1. If you’ve spent many an hour toiling through the Null Sector-filled King’s Row map—and went […]

Donald Trump Breaks Another Presidential Record As He Wages War With ‘Fake News’ At 100 Days Rally President Donald Trump has yet broken another presidential record only 100 days into his service—and this is made possible by his self-proclaimed war with media outlets, which he has called “fake news.” Donald Trump has been very vocal about his displeasure towards mainstream media outlets, repeatedly calling huge media companies like CNN and BBC, […]

’13 Reasons Why’ Cancellation Too Late As Students Reportedly Hurting Themselves In The Name Of The Series

Did you know that 13 Reasons Why was reviewed by suicide prevention experts before airing, and Netflix was advised to cancel the series? 13 Reasons Why is one of Netflix’s biggest and most popular drama series today, and it’s attracted a lot of positive and negative attention. Based on Jay Asher’s 2007 young adult book […]

Marine Le Pen Will Win The French Election 2017 In An American Electoral System

Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron are left to go head to head in the second round of the 2017 French presidential elections and statistics show that Marine Le Pen could already be the new French president if France followed the U.S.’ electoral system. We’ve seen the official results of the first round of the […]

National Superhero Day Highlights: Upcoming Superhero Movies To Watch Out For This Year

There are three things we’re doing to celebrate National Superhero Day today: one, go around the house wearing last Halloween’s superhero costume; two, check out #NationalSuperheroDay posts on social media; and three, block out our calendars for upcoming superhero movies this year. Happy #NationalSuperheroDay! — We Got This Covered (@wgtc_site) April 28, 2017 “You’re […]

Xbox One Scorpio Price Leaked: Could Go As Low As $400 As Pre-Order Opens Before Release Date

With new Xbox One Scorpio display leaks and as the announcement of Microsoft’s newest console draws near, more leaks about the Xbox Scorpio’s price surface on the internet—and it looks like this bad boy might come cheaper than expected. Throughout the lengthy and various Xbox Scorpio talks and teases by Microsoft and Xbox One, one […]

Attack On Titan: Two Exclusive Manga In Full Color, English Release

Attack on Titan is really back. After making its fans wait for the Season 2 release, Attack on Titan comes back with two exclusive manga releases in tow—both in full color and in English, to boot! Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) just wrapped up this weekend after three days of comics, cosplay, and all […]

‘Persona 5’ DLC: New Free Swimsuit Costume Release, Plus Three Paid Sets

Another free DLC costume comes to Persona 5 this week, alongside six paid sets you won’t be able to stop yourself from collecting. Persona 5 has really taken off, much like is predecessors, capturing—and for old Persona fans, recapturing—many hearts on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 platforms after its worldwide release just last April […]

ISU World Team Trophy Gala 2017: Kanako Murakami Retires, Yuzuru Hanyu Closing Shout

The ISU World Team Trophy 2017 (WTT 2017) closes today to both a beautiful and moving exhibition gala as figure skater Kanako Murakami announces her retirement from the sport. World Team Trophy came back this year as part of the figure skating 2016-2017 season, which was held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan […]

‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ DLC: Solo Campaign Expectations And What’s New On Xbox One, PS4, PC Multiplayer

A month into Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s release and players are already clamoring for new downloadable content (DLC) for both solo and multiplayer missions. Well, BioWare is listening so keep those requests and feedback coming. After years of waiting, Mass Effect fans were hyped when Mass Effect: Andromeda finally landed on Xbox One, PS4, and PC […]

Three New iPhones At Apple’s Fall Release: iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, And The Dilemma Of Upgrading

With Apple set to release three brand new iPhone models this coming Fall—an upgraded iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S, and the anniversary iPhone 8—which smartphone upgrade should you get? Pressure is high on Apple after Samsung’s successful release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 this month. But Cupertino morale is high as the company is banking […]

North Korea ‘Great War’ Threat Against Donald Trump’s ‘Great Armada’

Donald Trump is ready to strike North Korea with his “powerful armada, in” and North Korea is ready to respond with a great war looming in their shores. Earlier this month, Donald Trump has confirmed to Fox Business Network that he has dispatched a Navy strike group towards North Korea. And although the course of […]

Exclusive Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: Better Battery Life, Stronger Build, Premium Price

If you like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ now, wait til you can get your hands on this Samsung S8 Active model. We already love the Galaxy S8 and S8+ and it’s still not even the market yet. With sophisticated design and top-notch features, in addition to its super fast LTE, this is already […]

‘Star Wars’ Theme Park Will Be Like A Real Life Game, Features Missions And Brand New Planet

Disneyland and Walt Disney World brings Star Wars alive with an immersive theme park, which is so interactive that your choices will matter in your park experience. The Star Wars canon continues to grow each year with movies, animated series, and even games supercharging its huge lore. Now, even a theme park will contribute to […]

2NE1’s Sandara ‘Dara’ Park Ready For A Solo Comeback, 13 Years After First Album

Sandara Park (Dara) is preparing for a huge solo debut after last year’s 2NE1 disbandment—but did you know that this is not her first solo album? Sandara Park, or most commonly known to many K-Pop fans as Dara, is a former member of K-Pop girl group 2NE1. Formed by YG Entertainment, 2NE1 first came out […]

Suicide Or Murder? Alex Standall’s Fate In ’13 Reasons Why’ Explained

Here are all the signs to finally settle whether Alex Standall’s fate in 13 Reasons Why was a suicide or a murder. 13 Reasons Why has become a huge hit over at Netflix despite the many opinions on the series’ take on suicide and graphic scenes. An adaptation of the New York Times best-seller book, […]

Why Gamers Are Unhappy Over Xbox Scorpio’s ‘Multi-Generation’ Plans For E3

As Xbox Scorpio teases gamers with specs and console plans, the sound of a “multi-generation” console doesn’t seem to appease many console fans. The console wars has reached its proverbial peak and as console manufacturers Sony and Microsoft enter the new generation of gaming, they find themselves neck deep in things and features gamers want […]

Problems Plague S6, S7 After Android 7.0 Nougat Update: Should You Update Or Wait?

The Android 7.0 Nougat update is still slowly rolling out to various Android devices amidst various problems—should you really update right now? As technology continues to progress, more and more problems and bugs seem to develop and transform with it. And with the various exciting new features in Android’s newest OS update, 7.0 Nougat, are […]

PlayStation 2 Classic Series ‘Jak And Daxter’ Coming To PS4

Another PlayStation classic makes it way to the PlayStation 4. Sony confirms the return of the four games in the Jak and Dexter series in remastered HD for the PS4. First came Crash Bandicoot, a comeback fans have long waited for. And after the positive response that Crash Bandicoot HD Remaster received, Sony follows it […]

Report Reveals Thousands Of Macs Hit With 700 Percent Malware Spike

Gone are the days we thought that Apple products such as the Mac are virus-proof. A new report reveals a 700 percent spike in malware instances in Mac devices in 2016. We’ve always been under the impression that Apple products such as the iPhone, MacBook, and iMac are virtually virus-proof. And figures for the past […]

‘Line Of Duty’ Creator Pressured To Tone Down Violence In Series 4

Line of Duty continues to garner support as Series 4 launched, but creator Jed Mercurio reveals that BBC has been pressuring him to tone down the violence in the show. Spoilers might be ahead. You’ve been warned. Line of Duty came back with Series 4 last March 26 and it’s still one of the most […]

‘Pokemon GO’: Niantic Teases Upcoming Co-Op Feature In Next Updates

Niantic has teased new co-op feature to arrive in Pokemon GO in latest blog post. Pokemon GO continues to dominate mobile gaming, as Niantic has officially announced by February that Pokemon GO has just surpassed 650 million downloads, with 65 million monthly active players, Donkle Elephant reports. But despite this huge active and inactive player […]

‘Ghost In The Shell’: Hideo Kojima, Japanese Market Okay With Scarlett Johansson Casting

Ghost in the Shell was hated by many for whitewashing its main character but the Japanese market and Hideo Kojima are actually okay with Scarlet Johansson. We have witnessed the world cry foul when the Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell was announced to cast star Scarlet Johansson as the main character, Major Mira […]

‘Final Fantasy’ Ports On Nintendo Switch: Square Enix Pledges Support On New Platform

With Square Enix pledging full support on the Nintendo Switch, Final Fantasy ports on the new platform are only moments away. The Nintendo Switch has, undoubtedly, become Nintendo’s strongest comeback. With more and more hardcore and casual gamers getting their hands on a Switch, more and more developers are also eager to put their hopes […]

Vin Diesel Offers Fate of the Furious To Paul Walker, Ends Dwayne Johnsons Fight At Premiere

The Fast and the Furious franchise and its 8th installment, The Fate of the Furious, will never be where it’s at without the late Paul Walker—and Vin Diesel knows and acknowledges that. The 8th film in the movie series that has spanned more than a decade is coming to cinemas, and lead star Vin Diesel […]

Kim Kardashian’s One Song ‘Jam’ Claws Its Way Back To Fans And Spotify

Did you know that Kim Kardashian has a single? Kim’s “Jam [Turn it up]” is back on people’s playlist—for better or for worse, we’ll let you decide. In 2011, the whole world, as did Billboard, lay witness to Kim Kardashian’s first foray into music, entitled “Jam [Turn it up].” There is no easy way to […]

Author, Rape Victims Defend ’13 Reasons Why’ Graphic Scenes And Suicide

13 Reasons Why has plucked some very sensitive nerves, but the author and several rape victims have defended why the series had to be so graphic and dark. 13 Reasons Why is one of the most talked-about series on Netflix right now, and it is an adaptation of the New York Times best-seller book, Thirteen […]