Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman Versus Superman? Sure!

We’re all looking forward to Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in her upcoming titular movie. And as the Amazon superhero makes her entrance into the DC extended universe, we’re wondering how she can fare against her male counterparts.

Forget Batman v Superman. How about Wonder Woman versus Superman?

Wonder Woman is the epitome of beauty and strength, abandoning her princess status to head to London bring the World War I to an early end. With this kind of spirit and strength, is it possible for the Amazon princess to defeat the man of steel?

Warner Bros. Brasil asks Gal Gadot, Comicbook reports, if she can take on Henry Cavill, the actor who plays Superman.

Gal Gadot, exuding the usual confidence and flair she has, answers:

“Sure. It’s going to be a tight one, but yes.”

There has been nothing so far on whether we could be seeing Wonder Woman go against Superman. But if we remember from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Superman is currently dead after a fatal run-in with Doomsday. While we can’t be too sure if he is ready (or able) to come back to the Justice League, there are theories that he can also return to the side of Apokolips. If this happens, then Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman should make a move to stop him.

Batman v Superman or Superman v Wonder Woman? [Image by Warner Bros.]
Batman v Superman or Superman v Wonder Woman? [Image by Warner Bros.]

If it comes down to that, hopefully, Gal Gadot won’t back out since she admits she’s a huge fan of Superman herself.

Another Comicbook report notes that at the Hollywood premiere of Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot reveals that she grew up to these Justice League icons.

“Growing up, I had Superman and Batman to look up to. All the boys and all the girls, that’s what we had.”

But Superman and Batman are everyone’s favorite already. So maybe it’s also high time a female superhero take the spotlight.

Wonder Woman positive she can defeat Superman [Image by Warner Bros.]
Wonder Woman positive she can defeat Superman. [Image by Warner Bros.]

“I think that it’s so important that we have also strong female figures to look up to, and Wonder Woman is an amazing one. It’s great that after 75…years that this character had been around, finally she gets her own movie.”

Gal Gadot was amazing as Wonder Woman on Batman v Superman(to the point that the only part that some people really loved about the movie was her). This is why a lot of people are extremely excited about her solo film, Wonder Woman.

But what kind of Wonder Woman should we expect in the upcoming film? Gal Gadot shares via Heroic Hollywood that the Wonder Woman people saw in Batman v Superman is not yet necessarily the superhero people should expect in this upcoming movie. She says people will see a deeper look into Wonder Woman’s persona, how she started, how she grew.

Wonder Woman 2017 will delve a little deeper into the Amazon princess' persona [Image by Warner Bros.]
Wonder Woman 2017 will delve a little deeper into the Amazon princess’ persona. [Image by Warner Bros.]

“When I just started, the first time I played Wonder Woman, was on Batman v Superman, and it was current day, so I got to play the ‘end result’ of who Wonder Woman is. And I was very curious to understand and really go through who she is and how she became Wonder Woman. And finally on Wonder Woman we had the chance to go and dig deep, and really establish this beautiful character.”

At the end of it all, even with superhuman strength and courage that can go on par with her male counterparts on Justice League, Wonder Woman still has that relatable feminine side that everyone will come to love and root for.

“And I think the fact that she’s the most powerful warrior, but she can also be vulnerable; and she can be confident but confused; blunt, but curious. There’s so many different qualities to her character that makes her not perfect and easier for us to relate. She’s still Diana, but nowadays she’s wiser and more educated about the complexities of life and the world and mankind. But she’s always full of compassion and warmth and love for everyone.”

Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot will premiere in theaters around the globe this June 1, 2017.

[Featured Image Warner Bros.]