Superheroes Will Make The MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017: ‘Wonder Woman’ And ‘Spider-Man’ To Drop Previews

There are three things we are most looking forward to at the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017: the lot that Beauty and The Beast will be taking home, how Adam Devine will make the awards night funnier and more interesting, and the two superhero movies that will drop some major trailer at the awards night—Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This year’s MTV Movie and TV Awards has been making more noise than usual. This is the first time TV shows are finally getting categories of their own at the MTV Awards, the first time we’re getting new categories for entertainment highlighting social justice issues and activism, and the this is the first awards ceremony that will be featuring gender-neutral categories by using one umbrella actor category instead of the separate actor and actress categories, CNN reports.

And while, of course, we’re looking forward to who will be winning in each MTV Awards category—we’re particularly eyeing out Best Villain and Movie of the Year—we’re very much excited for the exclusive sneak peak at some of the most anticipated movies of 2017.

Sneak previews at the upcoming movies of the year are no news at the MTV Movie Awards. Last year, we saw sneak peeks from the sets of Baywatch and Kong: Skull Island, and promotional clips from Suicide Squad and Captain America: Civil War.

This year, Screen Rant reports, Tom Hollands as the new Spider-Man will follow the footsteps of the two prior superhero movies and release an “exclusive sneak” at the upcoming movie.

MTV confirms via their Twitter page that an exclusive Spider-Man: Homecoming clip will be dropping at the MTV Movie and TV Awards tonight.

No further details were revealed as to what the Spider-Man clip will be about but we’ve been given the previously released photo of Spider-Man tucked inside a concrete pipe atop a flatbed truck as a hint. The photo shows Spider-Man still in his Stark suit so based from the recently released Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer, we know that whatever clip Spider-Man will be showing at the MTV Movie and TV Awards will be from the first half of the film, before he gets rid of the suit after the ferry incident.

We’re talking about this photo:

The new Spider-Man [Image by Sony Pictures]
The new Spider-Man. [Image by Sony Pictures]

from this trailer:

But we’ve not only one, but two superheroes gracing the huge MTV Movie and TV Awards 2017.

Comic Book Movie reports that Gal Gadot, who is starring in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, will also drop something special at the MTV Movie and TV Awards.

We’ve already seen three trailers for the Wonder Woman movie and the last and final trailer will premiere at the awards night tonight.

Speculations are rising for what this “wonder-ful” surprise from Wonder Woman could be and one of these is that a new unexpected character or superhero will make a cameo in the movie. But we don’t have to wait too long since it’s only a few hours ’til the MTV Movie and TV Awards—and we just couldn’t wait.

Apart from Wonder Woman and Spider-Man, a new Transformers: The Last Night clip will also make it to the MTV Movie and TV Awards, MTV confirms. Mark Wahlberg himself will be unveiling this never-before-seen clip so stay tuned.

Catch the MTV Movie and TV Awards tonight, 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures]