The Inquisitr is for sale

This one of the hardest, if not worst posts I’ve ever written here at The Inquisitr, but here it comes. The Inquisitr is for sale on Details here. I founded this site on 3 May 2008, some 3 years ago after leaving TechCrunch. Due to personal issues I need a break, and when I […]

The Royal Wedding Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog of the Royal Wedding of H.R.H Prince William and Kate Middleton. We’ll be doing this in chronological order, so older updates get pushed down with latest at the top. Updates will be in local (London time +1 GMT). Take -5 for US East, -8 for US West, and +9 for […]

The Royal Wedding: Order of Events

We’re now hours away from the wedding of H.R.H. Prince William and Kate Middleton, and like all good Royal events, there’s an order to things. All times are local (London) time which is +1 GMT. Take -5 for US East, -8 for US West, and +9 for Australia East Coast. Between 8.15am and 10am: General […]

Watch The Royal Wedding Live Online

The Wedding of H.R.H. Prince William and Kate Middleton is today and you can watch the Royal Wedding live online. Given generous broadcasting rights, watching the Royal Wedding live online isn’t really a matter of finding a stream, but picking which stream you want to watch. Coverage of the Royal Wedding live online generally starts […]

Another Month, Another Tylenol Recall

It seems that every couple of months we get another Tylenol recall, and March 2011 is another one of those months. McNeil, a division of Johnson & Johnson said in a statement that they were conducting a voluntary consumer recall of one product lot of eight-hour extended-release caplets because of a “musty or moldy odor.” […]

Good News, Everyone! Futurama Renewed For Two More Seasons

Good news for Futurama fans today with news that the animated series will live on for another two seasons. According to reports, Comedy Central has picked up an additional two cycles of 13 episodes, and that’s on top of this years season which is due back to TV in June, taking the show out to […]

Cheezburger Network Snaps Up Know Your Meme For Low 7 Figures

The Cheezburger Network has acquired the site Know Your Meme from Rocketboom for a figure believed to be in the low seven figures. Founded in 2007 as a spin-off from Rocketboom, Know Your Meme chronicles web memes in an encyclopedic form and offers viewers a regular video series based on the latest in memes. Know […]

Melanoma Therapy Approved

In great news for skin cancer sufferers, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved the first drug that can help prolong the life of people suffering from melanoma. Ipilimumab, to be sold as Yervoy, helps the body’s immune system fight the melanoma. Clinical trials have shown that Yervoy can extend a melanoma patient’s […]

Madonna’s Plans to Build Malawi School ‘Discontinued’

Madonna’s plans to build a school for girls in Malawi have been “discontinued”. The ‘Celebration’ singer pledged to build an academy in the African country following her adoption of now five-year-old son David in 2006, but the $3.8 million she has put into the project through her charitable foundation Raising Malawi has so far not […]

Even Jewish Prayer Rituals can get you Mistaken as a Terrorist

Three Jewish Mexican passengers caused a security scare on March 13 after their Jewish prayer ritual was confused by flight attendants as a possible Muslim suicide chant. The Alaska Airlines flight from Mexico City to Los Angeles was locked down before being met upon landing by fire crews, TSA, Police and FBI officials. The men […]

South Australia Strikes Again: Attempts To Censor Online Journalism

The South Australian Government has proposed a law that will ban the uploading of footage of assaults or “harassment” where those subjected to that activity do not consent, as part of its ongoing jihad against online publishing and commentary. The proposed law, that is claimed by the Government to be aimed at preventing people planning […]

Can Video Screens Be Hacked in Times Square?

A video has appeared on YouTube alleging to show hacking of video screens in Times Square using nothing more than an iPhone and a video transmitter. According to the blurb for the video: “the way it works is pretty simple: plug in my transmitter into the iphone 4 and play back any video clip. you […]

Avril Lavigne Gets Safety Pin Tattoo

Avril Lavigne has got a new tattoo following a “girl’s night out”. The Canadian singer made the spontaneous decision to visit the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlour, in Hollywood, on Saturday, March 12, to get a safety pin etched onto her neck following a day with her friends. She wrote on her twitter page earlier […]

Devastation In Japan

Post the 8.9 earth quake in Japan, reports coming in suggest that there is serious amount of damage across multiple islands. From what we know at this point is that there has been a serious inundation across north Hokkaido, including serious damage to farm land north of Tokyo. As I write this post there is […]

Japan Tsunami Kills Possibly Hundreds

A Tsunami that followed the 8.9 earthquake in Japan earlier today has killed possibly hundreds of people. Footage of the tsunami shows water flooding across massive areas of rural Japan, as well as some metropolitan areas. The wave was at times 3-4 meters high, and swept across rural buildings with little warning. At the time […]

Massive 8.9 Earthquake Hits Japan

A massive 8.9 earthquake hit Japan Friday afternoon (local time) causing widespread flooding and damage across the Japanese islands, including Tokyo. The quake hit at 2:46pm local time (5:46 UTC) and resulted in tsunamis that inundated large parts of the east coast of Japan. According to reports, a tsunami as high as 10m hit parts […]

New Design Sees Gawker Media Sites Bleed Traffic

Gawker Media’s roll out of a new design at the beginning of February 2011 has cost the new media giant dearly, with online tracking tools showing that many of its sites have bled traffic in the past 5 weeks. Top of the list is gadget blog Gizmodo, which according to Alexa has dropped a whopping […]

Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes

Charlie Sheen may be stark raving nuts, but you have to give him some credit: he still has the ability to take the piss out of himself, as he’s done here for Funny or Die with Charlie Sheen’s winning recipes. Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes from Charlie Sheen

Calling Your Horse ARRRRR Delivers Epic Win

Calling a horse racing can be challenging at times, but if you’re calling a race where one of the horses is called ARRRRR then it gets even more interesting 🙂 (via Mashable)

Beyonce Knowles Donated Colonel Gaddafi’s Cash to Charity

Beyonce Knowles donated the money she earned performing for Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi to charity. The singer-and-actress gave a private performance for members of the dictator’s family on New Year’s Eve 2009, but instead of keeping the cash for herself she gave it all away to Haiti, following the devastating earthquake that ravaged the Caribbean nation […]

The Charlie Sheen Is Winning Motivational Mashup

I’d bet there will be a whole pile more of these coming out in the next couple of weeks.

Rumor Claims Jim Carrey Died In Snowboard Accident

The fake celebrity death circuit has been quiet this year, but after a winter lull it’s back with a vengeance with a rumor doing the rounds that Jim Carrey has died in a snowboarding accident. One (rather dubious) news site wrote “Actor Jim Carrey is reported to have died shortly after a snowboard accident earlier […]

Eva Herzigova Wants Natural Birth

Eva Herzigova has vowed to have a natural birth. The 37-year-old supermodel, who already has three-year-old son George with long-term boyfriend Gregorio Marsiaj, is seven months pregnant with her second child and doesn’t understand why some celebrities opt to have their babies via an elective Caesarean. She said, “I wanted to give birth naturally at […]

The Oscar for Worst Ever Hosts of the Oscars Goes to Anne Hathaway and James Franco

The Oscars are over for another year, and in it’s 83rd outing this years ceremony may well be remembered for one reason: the awful hosting. Anne Hathaway and the Oscar nominated James Franco were given hosting duties this year in a move the Academy pitched as reaching out to a younger generation. If giggling like […]

Colin Firth Wins Best Actor Oscar

Colin Firth has won the Oscar for best actor at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. Firth, who missed out on the award last year, won the Oscar for his role in the critically acclaimed Kings Speech. The English actor, perhaps best remembered by women worldwide for his role at Mr Darcy in the BBC product […]

Natalie Portman Wins Best Actress Oscar

Natalie Portman has won the Best Actress Oscar at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. It was second time lucky for Portman, who had been nominated once before. Portman collected the award for her role in Black Swan. Portman had previously won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama, the […]

Watch The Oscars Live Online

[Update: Watch the 2012 Oscars HERE] The 83rd Academy Awards are being presented this evening in Hollywood, and you can watch the full event, including the red carpet and the Oscars ceremony itself live online. Online coverage starts at 6pm EST/ 3pm PST (10am AEST) and includes full Oscars red carpet coverage as well. Unlike […]

Diane Kruger Unrecognised Off-Screen

Diane Kruger rarely gets recognised. The ‘Unknown’ actress, who has been in a relationship with actor Joshua Jackson for four years, prefers to dress down when she isn’t working, and so people never realize she is a famous movie star. She said, “Do I get recognised? Not really because I’m not usually made-up. “My house […]

Jennifer Aniston Felt “Labelled” As She Turned 40

Jennifer Aniston feels “labelled” since she entered her 40s. The 42-year-old actress claims people view you differently once you move out of your 30s and into the next decade of your life. She explained, “All of a sudden you’re labelled, you’re a number. It wasn’t like 30-plus or 30-something. It’s just that all of sudden, […]

Thoughts On The AOL Huffington Post Deal

I was asked today on Formspring “What are your thoughts on AOL buying Huffington Post?”. The response is informal 1st person, but I thought I’d share it here. It’s an interesting buy on a couple of fronts. People are far too quick to criticize AOL’s content strategy based on AOL’s disastrous (at times) past, but […]

AOL Huffington Post Acquisition Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment

AOL’s acquisition of The Huffington Post for $315 million has delivered a smorgasbord of commentary this week, and who better to join the fray than our favorite Taiwanese animators. Highlights: we’ll where do you start. Arianna gets finger waved by Hot Air, Tim Armstrong is in a leaky boat labeled TechCrunch, and Bebo is portrayed […]

Sony Continues To Let Customers Down With IE6 PS3 Browser

Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3) platform may have been a success for the Japanese electronic giant, but one of its promoted features continues to let customers down: a web browser powered by Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). I may be a rare PS3 buyer as one of my core reasons with going with the platform was the […]

The Ultimate Snub: AOL Buys The Huffington Post and Doesn’t Tell TechCrunch

As we reported earlier, AOL has acquired The Huffington Post for $315 million, the largest buy for a stand alone new media property that we can recall, let alone a new media network. The size of the buy may be unprecedented in the history of new media, but there’s another interesting story to be told […]

UFC 126 Silva vs Belfort: Results and Video

The Ultimate Fighting Championship returned to the Manadalay Bay in Las Vegas Saturday February 5 for the long awaited fight between Anderson Silva versus Vitor Belfort for UFC 126. The Silva Belfort clash had been canceled three times previously, with Silva putting his middleweight belt on the line. As always if you don’t want to […]

Apparently The Bapists Like Kiddies As Well

It might not just be the Catholic Church that has an issue with kiddies.

Epic Fail: Kenneth Cole Uses Egypt Protests To Promote Spring Collection

In what will undoubtedly become a hot contender for worst PR disaster of 2011, clothes maker Kenneth Cole has used the Egyptian protests to promote his spring collection. In a message on Twitter, Kenneth Cole wrote that “Millions are in an uproar in #Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available […]

Tron Legacy/ Star Wars Mashup

Some mashups can be so/ so, but this Tron Legacy/ Star Wars mashup is extremely well done.

Motorola Goes 1984 In Teaser Ad For Xoom

Motorola has decided that attack may be the best form of marketing with a new teaser commercial for its iPad competitor taking a swipe at Apple’s classic 1984 commercial. The ad for the upcoming Motorola Xoom goes hard from the outset, complete with a globe covered in iPod headphones and states that 2011 looks a […]

Christian Bale Spoke Secret Language On The Fighter Set

Christian Bale spoke a secret language on the set of ‘The Fighter’. The 36-year-old actor portrays former drug addicted boxer Dicky Eklund in the new movie and says they spent so much time together working on the role he learnt the former sportsman’s own unique way of communicating, much to the bemusement of his co-stars, […]

Wire: Mark “No Religion” Campaign Begins – The 2011 Australian Census

Inquisitr Wire (Maitland, SA): As the next Australian Census approaches (9 August 2011), the Atheist Foundation of Australia (AFA) is preparing for one of its biggest and most important projects. The AFA is campaigning to encourage individuals and families to think about the importance and impact of their answer to this leading Census question: “What […]

Samantha Ronson’s Dog Banned From West Hollywood

Samantha Ronson’s dog has been banned from West Hollywood. The DJ was ordered to have Cadillac, an English bulldog, outside of the city by January 6, and it has also been given a ‘Dangerous Animal’ tag after it mauled another pooch to death in the hallway outside his owner’s house. This means if the dog […]

Best Domino’s Resignation Ever

OK, so the notice above shows that the employee was terminated, but seriously, who would do those things if they hadn’t intended to lose their job in the first place. (via NextRound)

Urban Dictionary Scrabble

For a full set of definitions, check out the list of words on Cool Material.

Clever Coca-Cola Inception Mashup

OK, so Inception mashups are old hat now, but we’ve got to say this mashup of the Coca-Cola Christmas ads and the Inception music is very clever.

Is This The World’s Saddest Christmas Card?

This Christmas card is certainly pretty sad, but is it the saddest? You be the judge.

Delicious Won’t Be Closed, Just Sold To The Highest Bidder

Fans of social bookmarking site Delicious can breathe a sigh of relief today with news that owner Yahoo intends to sell the site rather than shut it down. News of the impending decline of Delicious broke last week after Yahoo included the site on a slide of services it intended to “sunset” without any formal […]

Jib Jab Celebrates 2010

The folks at Jib Jab are back with their annual end of year video, and this year they’ve gone with puppets of Obama and Biden. Not their best end of year video, but the occasional laugh.

UFC 124 St-Pierre vs. Koscheck 2: Results and Video

The Ultimate Fighting Championship headed north of the border Saturday night to the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec for UFC 124 UFC 124 St-Pierre vs. Koscheck 2. Top of the card saw Canada’s Georges St-Pierre take on Josh Koscheck in a Welterweight Championship bout. As always if you don’t want to know the results, skip […]

Video: Mark Zuckerberg on 60 Minutes

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg returned to 60 Minutes Sunday in his first interview on the show since his infamously nervous appearance three years ago. The 60 Minutes piece covers the latest from Facebook, including their launch of new Facebook profiles, and Zuckerberg’s reaction to The Social Network movie. Featured also is our favorite […]

PlayStation Phone Video Hits The Web

The fabled PlayStation phone is real, at least according to a video that has made its way online showing the phone being used. A photo of the prototype of the PlayStation phone appeared online in October, and rumors of a launch date of December 9 surfaced November 24. The PlayStation phone video shows a Sony […]