American Idol Winner Iam Tongi Enjoys the Rigging Accusations Drama

American Idol Winner Iam Tongi Enjoys the Rigging Accusations Drama
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Iam Tongi, the American Idol Season 21 winner, has found himself at the center of rigging accusations. However, instead of being bothered by the controversy, the young singer seems to enjoy the drama surrounding his victory.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Iam Tongi expressed his love for the drama of the rigging accusations. The 18-year-old singer seems unfazed by the controversy, stating, "A lot of people are like, '[runner-up] Colin Stough was robbed,' or whatever. And I just love it." While such accusations can be damaging to a performer's reputation, Tongi appears to deal with them calmly.



Tongi attributes his ability to handle public scrutiny to the wise words of his late father, Rodney Tongi, who passed away in 2021. Rodney instilled in him the understanding that not everyone will appreciate his music. He seems to have prepared him for the inevitable criticism that comes with success, teaching him that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

"My dad always told me that your music's not meant for everyone. There are going to be people that are not going to like it and that's OK, that's normal. Everyone gets their own opinion. Everyone gets to think what they think. So, it's fine."



As a coping mechanism, Iam chooses to shower his critics with kindness. He admits to liking the negative comments he receives on social media, as he believes in allowing others to express their opinions freely. "I just 'like' [the comments], whatever what they say, 'cause you know, [I gotta] let those things happen. I am guilty for liking it. But look, [my] music's not for everyone. And I have to learn that the hard way."

Tongi's victory on American Idol Season 21 sparked a wave of accusations, with viewers claiming the competition was rigged in his favor. Some suggested that his win was a result of a sympathy vote due to the emotional story he shared during his audition. Losing his father to stage 4 kidney disease deeply affected Tongi, and he used his dad's guitar in every performance until it broke mid-season, as per Page Six. However, critics of the show argued that the competition should solely revolve around talent rather than personal stories.



Another polarizing aspect of American Idol Season 21 was the performance of Katy Perry as a judge. While many viewers found her critiques to be harsh, Tongi revealed in his interview that he enjoyed his interactions with the pop superstar. He described all the judges as fun, but he specifically mentioned the support and love Perry provided to the contestants. Rumors have circulated that Perry wants to step down as a judge, feeling misrepresented by the show and the way it portrays her as the "nasty judge."

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