Al Pacino Requested a DNA Test From Noor Since He Didn't Believe He Could Impregnate Anyone Anymore

Al Pacino Requested a DNA Test From Noor Since He Didn't Believe He Could Impregnate Anyone Anymore
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 Al Pacino was incredulous when he learnt from his girlfriend that she was expecting his child. According to TMZ reports, Al Pacino held the belief that a medical condition known for causing infertility would prevent him from impregnating his girlfriend, Noor Alfallah.

The reports from the outlet indicate sources close to the matter assert that Al Pacino, 83, harbored doubts about his capability to father a child with his 29-year-old girlfriend or with anyone else. He allegedly insisted on a paternity test to establish the child's biological relationship with him.



The actor known for his role in The Godfather had medical conditions that would typically hinder a man from impregnating a woman. Reportedly, Pacino had uncertainties about his paternity and requested a DNA test. Alfallah complied with the test, which ultimately confirmed that he was indeed the father of her child.

Evidently, the star of Scarface was unaware of the pregnancy until two months ago, and on discovering that he would soon be a father for the fourth time, he was taken aback by the news, reported Page Six. Al Pacino's representative, Stan Rosenfield, confirmed to USA Today that Noor Alfallah, 29, is currently in the eighth month of her pregnancy.

Since April 2022, Noor Alfallah has been associated with Pacino. Speculations about their romantic involvement arose when they were photographed having dinner together. The couple had been discreetly dating since the onset of the pandemic. "She mostly dates very rich older men… She has been with Al for some time and they get on very well, the age gap doesn't seem to be a problem, even though he is older than her father," the source revealed.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Gareth Cattermole
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Gareth Cattermole


Pacino is also a father to three children. His eldest daughter, Julie Marie, 33, is from his previous relationship with Jan Tarrant. He also has 22-year-old twins named Anton and Olivia, whom he shares with his ex-partner Beverly D'Angelo. This will be Alfallah's first child.



Back in 2017, Noor Alfallah gained attention when she entered a relationship with Mick Jagger, the frontman of The Rolling Stones. Despite a significant age difference —Jagger being 74 at the time and Alfallah being 22 — she expressed in an interview with Hello!Magazine that their ages were inconsequential to her. Their relationship came to an end in March 2018, and Alfallah reflected on their time together, stating, "Our ages didn't matter to me. The heart doesn't know what it sees, it only knows what it feels. It was my first serious relationship, but it was a happy time for me."



In January 2019, Alfallah sparked speculation about a romantic involvement with Clint Eastwood when they were seen leaving the popular Los Angeles establishment, Craig's, together. However, she swiftly dismissed the dating rumors. "There is no relationship, we're family friends, and my family was there and that's it. My parents were there, other friends were there. Trust me there's no relationship," she told Daily Mail.

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