A 10-Year-Old Once Asked Kamala Harris to Be Her 'Plus One' for a Space Mission

A 10-Year-Old Once Asked Kamala Harris to Be Her 'Plus One'  for a Space Mission
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Kamala Harris is one of the most versatile and cheerful Vice Presidents given her dazzling personality. She’s worked very hard to overcome several obstacles in her life that have enabled her to get to the position she’s in. Harris has allegedly paved the way for many in the United States to pursue one’s passion as she did. In doing so, she’s inspired and ignited the minds of many youths who, accordingly, dream big and reach for their dreams. There was one such adorable person who was inspired by Harris and was presented with a golden opportunity to ask her a few questions.

Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Nic Antaya
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Nic Antaya

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A video of 10-year-old Jeremiah Fennell, an enthusiastic, passionate, and budding reporter, was recognized by Jennifer Hudson on her show, The Jennifer Hudson Show. He got a great chance to personally interact with the Vice President and displayed wisdom well beyond his years. This entire interview was an amazing example of just how bright young Fennell’s future as a reporter could perhaps look like. 



The young lad looked dapper in a blue shirt and black formal pants. Since he was going for a formal and sharp aesthetic, he paired his shirt with a dashing striped tie. For the duration of his conversation with Harris, Fennell didn’t appear to be nervous or scared at all. In fact, he exuded a very confident and collected aura, and it seemed he was very much in his element. In addition to this, he’s thoroughly done his research on Harris.


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Although there were some pretty wonderful and insightful questions proposed by Fennell that visibly impressed both Hudson and Harris, his innocent request simply left both in absolute awe. Fennell attempted to provide viewers with details pertaining to Harris’ past and seemed to address her present efforts in the current position she holds in government. 


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However, he had one more thing he seemed excited and curious to clarify. “So you are the head of the National Space Council; would you go to space if you had the chance? And if so, what is the maximum amount of time you’d be willing to stay out there for?” he asked. After a brief pause to ponder over a response to the innocent yet well-crafted question, she responded with a question lovingly.



“Is that a request?” asked the Vice President as she chuckled along with Hudson and Fennell giggling with her. However, she said, “I would go to space if I could.” She proceeded to add that although it would be a great opportunity, there were “people on her team” who preferred that she stay on Earth for the time being.”

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It was at this juncture that young Fennell decided to shoot his shot and make a reservation as Harris’ plus one in the event she’d ever go to space. “Hey, but if you’re going, they’d let you bring a plus one,” he noted. Fennell then gestured to himself and sweetly asked, “So can I be that plus one?” Harris appeared touched by this request and affirmed his request with a sincere smile on her face. She watched on fondly as to how overjoyed Fennell was at his hopeful request to be granted.

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