Celebrity Thanksgiving Plans Revealed

Hayden Panettiere: “I’ll be spending it with my family in New York. I’ve never spent a Thanksgiving or Christmas away from them. There will be lots of food, football, sitting, chatting.”

Paris Hilton: “I’m cooking dinner at my house and inviting my whole family over. It’s going to be fun. I’m in charge this time!”

Heidi Klum: “I’m going to do a big turkey – an 18 pounder! I put the stuffing in it. I put the potatoes around it. I do sweet potatoes — with marshmallows, without marshmallows. I do everything!”

Dustin Hoffman: “All of the kids will come from all over, like New York and Minneapolis. We have six kids and the youngest is 21. Thanksgiving is a big thing for us. I actually do some of the cooking, too! I am right in there, boy! I peel the potatoes — that’s cooking!”

Can you imagine Paris in the kitchen? It’s a little frightening, but a single gal‘s got find other ways of amusing herself besides making sweet music. Meanwhile, Heidi Klum is spoiling Seal like usual– are they the wonder couple or what?

I wish they had asked Megan Fox, because she’s always got a surprising answer or two.