Paris and Benji Are Still Working on Their Music

Paris Hilton and Benji Madden are recording tracks together, and they just. won’t. stop. I was hoping that the whole thing would die out and go away, but Paris and Benji are set on finishing their project. Paris is feeling really enthusiasic about it, too, which is scary unless Benji took some serious control. She gave us all the details, saying:

“The songs are just being mixed right now and should be done soon. I’ve got a recording studio at my house in Los Angeles and so we’ve been working there every night. It’s been fun. Our songs are just happy and fun dance music. It reflects what Benji and I are like together – happy and fun.”

Paris wasn’t very “happy and fun” this weekend, when she cancelled two out of her three documentary screenings to create “more buzz” at the Toronto International Film Festival. At least one part of her life is super-upbeat, then, while she’s busy messing with the Toronto International Film Festival schedule.

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