‘GTA 5’ Weird NPC Facts

GTA 5 NPCs have some weird facts about them. NPCs are non-player characters, which means you only have reactive control over them.

Previously here on The Inquisitr, we gave you some facts that break the laws of physics, some about the characters, and then the cars themselves.

This time around, we’re focusing on what the NPCs do under odd circumstances, showing that Rockstar really went out of their way to make the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 as realistic as possible.

First off, if you do something unusual, and you probably will, the NPCs will take their phones out and start recording it. It would be interesting to see if there isn’t some kind of YouTube-style website in the game where you can see the footage they got.

If you watch the people casually in the city, you might notice that they all have trouble with parallel parking. Chances are if you’re new to the game, you do too.

The ammunition store clerk will act differently after your first conversation with him. Afterward he’ll act as though your conversation was like something out of a movie. Yup, you have a fan almost from the get-go.

Some NPCs aren’t your fans, though. This GTA 5 weird NPC fact is about the ones who run in the middle of a firefight. Don’t assume it’s over just because you won. The survivors are hiding and waiting for their chance to get even. Also if you attack a gang member on their turf, the whole neighborhood will most likely try to chase you down and kill you.

Don’t try robbing the same store too often if you’re not prepared for increased security and such. The NPCs will remember you if you rob the store a lot.

Sometimes you’ll disturb residents at their homes if you bring a ruckus through the neighborhood, in which case the NPCs will actually come outside to see what’s going on. Speaking of NPC reactions, here’s a weird GTA 5 NPC fact to try out if you’re bored. Follow one around enough and they might just get nervous and call the police on you.

You might have noticed the street performers as well. Did you know that if you take their picture and don’t tip them, they get angry at you?

Be aware that you’re not the only one in Los Santos looking to shake down businesses for some easy money. Some NPCs will also try robbing stores, and you might just walk in on it.

GTA 5 has a lot of weird NPC facts as well as others. What do you think of them?