British Muslims Called Enemies Of Islam By al-Shebab, Terrorists Behind Kenya Mall Attack

British Muslims are under verbal attack by fellow Muslims in a Somali group called al-Shebab.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, British Muslims allegedly killed a soldier near the Royal Artillery Barracks earlier this year.

Reports from England are saying that four prominent British Muslims were named as enemies of Islam in a YouTube video allegedly linked to Islamic militant group al-Shebab. This Islamic group is allegedly behind the Kenya Mall terrorist attack and some of the perpetrators were apparently American.

The video was named “The Woolwich Attack: It’s an Eye for an Eye” in reference to the British soldier being hacked to death with knives. The hour long video is narrated by a man with a British accent who praises various acts of terrorism on behalf of Islam.

Scotland Yard took down the video and then warned these British Muslims about any potential danger to their lives:

“We’re aware of the video reportedly released by al-Shebab. We are currently assessing its content. A number of individuals have been spoken to following the release of the video.”

All four of these British Muslims have previously spoken out publicly against Islamic jihad, which has “mutilated the teachings of Islam” according to al-Shebab. Ajmal Masroor, a London-based imam and journalist, says he won’t let threats against his fellow British Muslims scare him:

“I shall speak out loud and clearly against extremism and terrorism no matter how many threats I receive.”

The Scotland Yard is actively patrolling their houses in order to prevent any attacks against these British Muslims.