‘Battlefield 4’ To Promote Playing The Objective With Progression System Rehaul

Battlefield 4’s multiplayer progression will allow you to stick with your play style, DICE revealed in a recent blog post.

Battlefield 3 tasked players with ranking up and using specific weapons to unlock more goodies. It wasn’t a flawless system but it worked; on the downside, it meant that if you were late to the party you were at a pretty noticeable disadvantage.

Additionally, you were forced to venture down paths – namely, playing other classes or using other weapons – that may not necessarily fit your play style just to unlock something that you do want. In Battlefield 4, which went into a brief beta period earlier this month, that will change.

“We have more weapons and accessories in Battlefield 4 than ever before,” DICE wrote in the blog post. “With that, we thought it was time to change how you actually get new hardware to play with. Now, weapons, gadgets, and accessories are awarded to you for using items from the same family in multiplayer.”

Racking up a decent score will be a big component of the game as well, the developer explained. Getting a high score is directly related to ranking up and getting more weapons which, DICE hopes, will encourage players to take on the objective. In other words, people might actually bother to try to take over a capture point.

Part of the process of getting players to play the objective comes down to the new system for earning points. DICE explains:

“One new way that we are using scoring to incentivize playing the objective relates to flag capturing and arming objectives. Now, as soon as you attempt to capture a flag or arm an objective, the points will start ticking into your account, even if the overall attempt might fail. So if you are trying to reclaim a base but get killed just one second away from completing the capture, you’ll still be handsomely rewarded for the great attempt, for the risk you put yourself in, and for playing the objective.”

Did you play the Battlefield 4 beta? If so, what did you think of it? In case you missed out, you can check out YouTube User LevelCapGaming’s rundown of the “Domination” gametype directly below.