NJ Senate Race Loser Steve Lonegan Swats At Wife’s Comforting Touch [Video]

You can tell that New Jersey Republican Senate contender Steve Lonegan isn’t happy about losing to Cory Booker. He’s so focused on his anger that he completely rejected his wife’s consoling touch during his concession speech Wednesday and yes, the awkwardness was caught on camera.

During his concession speech, Lonegan “combatively” pushed his wife’s hand from his shoulder as he continued his “I surrender” speech to Booker, who nabbed the open seat with a comfortable lead.

Lonegan, the former mayor of Bogota, N.J., lost Wednesday evening to Booker 55 percent to 44 percent.

During his speech, he thanked his supporters for their loyalty and wished Booker the best of luck in his new Senate role.

“I’m hoping God will be with him in the decisions he makes as he goes into the U.S. Senate in Washington, D.C.,” Lonegan said of his rival.

But no one is talking about his speech so much as they’re talking about that combative swat, video of which went viral on Thursday.

As he made his concession, his wide reached out and began to gently massage his shoulder in what appeared to be a comforting gesture of consolation. Lonegan just didn’t like it. He visibly bristled at her touch, swatted her hand away, and gave her a glare.

He did address his wife later in his speech, joking that she should be happy that he won’t be in the public eye.

“I’ll return to the private sector and put my money where my mouth is and try to build a business and create jobs. And I think my wife probably likes to hear that,” he said.

Check out the incredibly awkward video below: