October 18, 2013
Justin Bieber New 'Believe' Teaser: You Smile, He Smiles But Sometimes Doesn't Want To [Video]

Justin Bieber's second Believe movie teaser has arrived.

As previously promised, "Film Fridays" roll-outs are an exchange with the singer's fans if they get his "Music Mondays" song releases to No.1 on iTunes.

Bieber's first single "Heartbreaker" topped iTunes in nearly 70 countries, while the second single "All That Matters" debuted at No.1 in 58.

After last Friday's lighthearted "#Stache" teaser, the tone in this latest Believe snippet is a heavier one.

Keeping up the hashtag format, the new "#Smile" installment is an edit from a three hour interview Bieber filmed with the movie's director Jon M. Chu back in September.

In the clip, Justin talks about presenting a happy face to fans onstage --- and elsewhere --- even if that isn't what he is feels at the time. Videographer and friend Alfredo Flores and former "Swagger Coach," Ryan Good are also seen in the segment observing silently.

"You always got to keep a smile on your face," Bieber tells Chu. "Through all the negativity. You got to hide your emotions sometimes, especially for me going on stage."

Recalling one example while making a phone-holding shape with his hands, the 19-year-old adds,

"I can be going through a big argument and I'm like, [addresses imaginary person on phone] 'I'm about to go on stage right now.'" At this point Bieber makes a typical 'argument' sound.

"We were yelling," the heartthrob says, repeating the noise. "And like, and then I gotta go rise up on the toaster... it's like I'm upset and I don't wanna to have to smile and put on a happy and be,." he adds, approximating an "on" smile.

Justin continues, "But sometimes you just gotta suck it up, and that's just one of the things you gotta deal with being in this position, in this world, in this industry."

That particular part of "#Smile" will spark speculation the pop prince may have been recalling an exchange with ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. Interest in the pair's relationship registers at a constant hum, but spiked following the release of emotional slow jams "Heartbreaker" and "All That Matters" and Bieber's admission that the first was about a real life breakup.

The second snippet is a refreshing change of pace from the first, and will appeal to critics who will be seeing Believe and hoping for more reality, less Disney. The teaser might also please mature Beliebers who want to know how the Canadian deals with the intense scrutiny of his personal life, the peculiar pressures of teen iconhood, and his eventful, headline-making 2013.

"#Smile" bodes well for the possibility of 'texture' in Believe and the probability it may provide some insight into an artist who has polarized many this year, despite the fact many of his exploits can be put down to typical teen behavior and have --- in some instances --- been inflated or misreported.

Believe is regarded as a natural follow-up to the also Chu-helmed 2011 Bieber concert-film Never Say Never, to date the highest grossing film of its type after punching in over $98 million box office worldwide.

As announced Believe will open nationwide in theaters across the US on Christmas Day. It will mix Believe tour footage, candid material, and interviews with Justin, members of his team, and names such as R&B titan Rodney Jerkins and singer-songwriter Mike Posner.

What did you think of "Smile?" Did it whet your appetite for more, or not so much?

Justin Bieber In New Believe Movie Snippet