Adrian Peterson Denies Dead Beat Dad Claims, Goes Above And Beyond

NFL pro-bowler Adrian Peterson insists that he has never skimped on child support for the mother of his 2nd child. Peterson was forced to speak out about the incident after an April court filing was pulled out of the ashes.

Erica Syion filed the court docs in April, accusing Peterson of stiffing her out of more than $50,000 in unpaid child support and various other bills. Those other expenses include travel and tuition for their 4-year-old-son.

Speaking to TMZ the mother of Adrian Peterson’s child said he finally settled his overdue child support bill in September.

Official documents appear to agree with Peterson, showing no signs of payments being made in arrears. In fact those papers show that the NFL player has been paying $2,500 per month since 2009, without missing a single beat.

A source close to the case tells the Associated Press that Peterson’s court order does not require him to pay tuition or travel expenses. However, when Erica brought up the expenses he quickly agreed to pay those bills.

In exchange for his continued support Peterson has been anything but a dead beat dead, asking the court for more visitation time with his son.

Erica Syion has not explained why she allegedly lied about Adrian Peterson’s on-time payments and then demanded more money from her child’s father.

$2,500 per month is a small price for Adrian Peterson to pay, the NFL star is currently playing under a seven-year, $100 million contract and his endorsements will likely earn him even more.

We report about a lot of dead beat dads in the NFL, a lot of drug users, and a lot of trouble makers. It’s actually refreshing to hear about a guy who is staying on top of his responsibilities.

Do you think Adrian Peterson is going above and beyond by ponying up more money that he wasn’t ordered to pay?