Olsen Twins Say ‘Full House’ Helped Get Them Into Fashion Design

The Olsen twins have traded in acting fame for the fashion world, but the two say they actually have Full House to thank for their love of style.

The sisters said their first jaunt into fashion came when they were nine months old on the set of the ABC family sitcom.

“[On Full House] we would be in six-hour fittings three times a week, because we had to wear 12 different outfits,” Ashley told Net-a-Porter’s The Edit in an interview.

Mary-Kate added that the sisters were so small that they ended up designing clothes for themselves on the set of the show, and fell in love with the process.

“So I think that is when we became obsessed with fit, and now the obsession has become a profession,” she said.

Together the Olsen twins have started their own fashion empire, with luxury brands The Row And Elizabeth and James. Last year they were awarded the 2012 Womenswear Designers of the Year award at the CFDA Awards.

Together the twins have become a fixture on the fashion circuit and a hot topic at New York Fashion Week, but the two are used to the attention.

“We were 9 months old when we started, so fame has always been part of our lives,” Ashley explained. “There wasn’t any weirdness where we decided that we wanted to be famous. Then as we got older, we were very fortunate that we could hire and work with amazing people who want to protect us.”

The sisters have made such an impact that other designers are starting to copy their style. Last year The Associated Press reported that the “layered-yet-airy refined look” at the heart of their label has started showing up in other lines.

Within the past year the Olsen twins have expanded their fashion brand, launching a new perfume with Sephora and introducing new additions to both their high-end and more affordable lines.