School Bus Hijacked In Arkansas [Video]

A school bus was hijacked this morning by a man with a knife in Arkansas.

According to CNN, 11 elementary school students and a bus driver were briefly taken hostage when a man boarded the bus and took the wheel. A 10 mile police chase ensued, from Jacksonville to Cabot, until officers were able to stop the bus.

No one was injured in the hijacking.

Jacksonville Police Department Capt. Kenny Boyd said: We were able to get the bus stopped. The suspect was taken into custody, and nobody was injured,” he said.

Police arrested 22-year-old Nicholas John Miller after the incident. The hijacker is now facing 12 counts of kidnapping, two counts of aggravated assault, and one charge of vehicular piracy.

Boyd said that Miller had tried to obtain a vehicle from a woman. When he was unsuccessful he forced his way onto the school bus. Police are not sure why he was trying to steal a car in the first place.

Miller’s grandmother, Elsie, said: “He has a good heart. I am totally surprised.”

A cellphone video of the car chase was posted online today shortly after the school bus was hijacked. The video shows the bus speeding down a two lane highway while nearly a dozen cop cars follow in hot pursuit.

Here’s the video of the car chase from this morning.