Morrissey Details Love, Life, And Music, In Memoir

Morrissey’s autobiography offers fans a rare glimpse into the performer’s private life. The memoir, titled Autobiography, details a fascinating and sometimes tragic story. Today’s release was limited to the UK and Europe. However, the book is already getting rave reviews.

Stephen Patrick Morrissey was born in Lancashire, England. As a child, he attended a Catholic school. He describes Manchester headmasters as “belligerent ghouls,” and criticizes the instructors’ “freakish use of the leather strap.”

As reported by Rolling Stone, the gym teachers’ behavior was even more disturbing. Morrissey said that one of the teachers “would stare at the boys in the showers.” Another used “unnecessarily slow and sensual strokes” while applying medication to his wrist.

In 1982, Morrissey founded the Smiths with guitarist Johnny Marr. Over the next five years, the band recorded 4 studio albums, which all made it into the top three in the UK. The Smiths eventually broke up in 1987 due to personal disputes.

The memoir addresses Morrissey’s displeasure with the “brutally drab” Rough Trade records, and his intense legal battle with drummer Mike Joyce over royalties. He goes into great detail about his negative interactions with Judge John Weeks, who sided with Joyce in his decision.

Following his stint with the Smiths, Morrissey fell deeply in love. The autobiography describes his intense and emotional relationship with Jack Owen Walters:

“For the first time in my life the eternal ‘I’ becomes ‘we’… Every minute has the high drama of first love, only far more exhilarating… His leap towards me is as uncharted as mine to him… There will be no secrets of flesh or fantasy; he is me and I am him.”

The book includes conspiracy, controversy, and a unique look at the life of a largely private man. Morrissey is a legend for his unique voice, songwriting skills, and magnetic stage presence.

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