Soleil Moon Frye Baby Gender Announced, Baby Name Still Up In The Air

The Soleil Moon Frye baby is having his gender officially announced today.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, as you might expect reports claimed Soleil Moon Frye pregnant with her third child several months ago.

Soleil Moon Frye is the former Punky Brewster and at age 37 she already has two girls named Sienna Rose and Jagger Joseph Blue. Soleil Moon Frye says she and her husband Jason Goldberg wanted to know the gender of her third child because of the two girls:

“It’s so funny: They’re like, ‘If it’s a girl we’re gonna dress her up and if it’s a boy, we’re gonna dress him up and paint his nails!’ They’re just so excited. They’re touching my belly. They’re so into it! It’s so cute.”

But now the Soleil Moon Frye baby gender has been announced as a baby boy. Mrs. Frye says she’s in “denial” and she “can’t imagine a penis growing inside of me.” She also had assumed having a third girl was more likely:

“I was so shocked because I always thought that if you have two of one sex, the statistics are that you’ll have a third of the same sex. So I just thought we’d have three girls. My girls still don’t completely believe it.”

Any plans for Soleil Moon Frye’s baby name hasn’t been mentioned yet but she says she has a “million choices.” But let’s just state for the record that this writer would prefer she didn’t choose Judah Asher Frye since that’s the rather unique name of my baby boy. (Oh, and we’re distantly related as far as I know.)