Nina Davuluri Photo Op With Obama Good, No F-Bombs By Miss America 2014

A Nina Davuluri photo op with President Obama went well, with no more mini scandals following Miss America 2014 around.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nina Davuluri was attacked by racists Twitter tweets that cursed out Miss America’s Indian-American heritage.

But Nina Davuluri’s foul mouth has been earning a reputation of its own. Earlier this year a young woman was apparently so offended by the conversation started by Nina Davuluri that she decided to record it.

The future Miss America 2014 was recorded talking with a group of friends at a hotel. In that video, Nina Davuluri was recorded calling former Miss America Mallory Hagan “fat as f*ck” over the noise of the party. The friends of Nina Davuluri were also overheard making racist remarks about other people. Once the video was made public, Nina Davuluri went on Facebook and posted an apology but without explaining what she’d done.

Beauty pageant rules can be very strict. It’s not just outward beauty that’s considered, it’s how contestants behave. For example, some people feel one of the contests for Miss America was bumped because of her tattoos. Then when Megan Young’s nude photos leaked and showed Miss Philippines in a bikini shoot some claimed she should have been dismissed from the Miss World contest.

So when visiting the White House you’d think Nina Davuluri would keep those F-bombs under wraps. President Obama had recently referred to Miss America 2014’s Indian-American descent, saying “it’s a signal of how close our countries are.” Everything went well according to a White House official:

“Miss America participated in a group photo with the President in honour of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital Champions. Following the photo, she briefly visited the Oval Office.”

But, considering many American’s feelings over the recent government shutdown, I think many would have forgiven Nina Davuluri for dropping a choice word or two.


[Nina Davuluri Image via Wikimedia Commons]