‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ TV Spots Strike A Week Before Release [Video]

'Batman: Arkham Origins' TV spots drop a week before the game's release

Two Batman: Arkham Origins TV spots have dropped a week before the game’s release, and they are very different videos.

Batman: Arkham Origins follows the story of Bruce Wayne’s sophomore year as the caped crusader. He’s cocky and arrogant, thinking he knows everything, but on Christmas Eve, the Black Mask puts a hit out on him, promising big bucks to whoever brings him the head of Batman. The reward lures some of Gotham’s worst criminals into the chase, and Batman faces some of his biggest rivals for the first time.

The single-player campaign will follow the basic story of eight mercenaries Batman has to evade and take down to save his own life, with one of many challenge modes which allows you to play as master assassin Deathstroke. The multiplayer modes will pit heroes against villains as Batman and Robin face off with the Joker, Bane, and their lackeys. There seems to be tons of DLC on the way for Batman: Arkham Origins, allowing you to customize how you play the game.

The first of the Batman: Arkham Origins TV spots centers around Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, from having his parents murdered in front of him to getting in fights as a child, and eventually facing off with the future denizens of Arkham Asylum.

Apparently, Bruce Wayne was bullied a lot as a child and used his anger as a tool to fight back against the despicable elements of Gotham City.

The second Batman: Arkham Origins TV spot is a more humorous take on it, as we see the villains in the ER after Batman has dealt with them. Deathstroke complains about his ribs as he squirms to fight his straight jacket before we see the Black Mask lying on a bed nearby moaning in pain as well. The doctor continues his journey through the ER, eventually visiting a third villain stuck through a car door asking about the “bat.”

What do you think of the Batman: Arkham Origins TV spots? Will you be getting a copy when the game releases on October 25?