Two Murderers Accidentally Released From Prison

Joseph Jenkins And Charles Walker Released

Two convicted murderers were accidentally released recently from a prison in Orange County. Officials at the Franklin Correctional Institution in Franklin County released the men “within the past few weeks.”

After weeks as free men prison officials called the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to search for the killers. The men had formerly lived in Orange County.

The crimes that put both men behind bars occurred in Orange County and the city of Orlando.

Convicted killer Charles Walker, 34, was serving a life sentence and investigators say he signed himself out of prison.

The second inmate, Joseph Jenkins, 34, was serving a life sentence after a 1998 conviction. He was released in September.

The Florida Department of Corrections say both men gave Orange County addresses where they would stay once released.

So how did two convicted murderers simply walk out of prison? According to officials it likely boiled down to a simple paperwork error.

Michael Crews of the Florida Department of Corrections. says the releases were “based on fraudulent modifications that had been made to the court orders that determines their length of sentences.”

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is currently looking over all available paperwork to determine where the error occurred. Officials have not pointed to a case of fraud as the culprit at this time. It looks like someone might be losing their paper pushing job at the end of the day.

Are you surprised that a simple paperwork error led to the release of two dangerous killers who were serving life sentences?