Robert Redford Wants Women And Young People To Save America

Robert Redford believes the future of the United States is hopeless unless woman and young people step up to the plate.

Talking with CNN’s Nischelle Turner, Redford said bigotry, fear of change, and a personal desire to destroy President Obama is killing the U.S. government.

“Give them the reins,” Redford said. “I think they can do better than we have.”

Redford stars in the new film All Is Lost, which he says is a great analogy for the shutdown. In the film Robert Redford plays a sailor who is struggling to stay alive after his sailboat runs into a container ship.

“At a certain point, I think, when things really get awful, when things get really bad and all seems to be lost — there’s no hope, there’s no possibility — then a lot of people quit. They say, ‘What’s the point?’ and they quit. And others keep going for no other reason than that.”

When specifically asked about the U.S Government Shutdown and the debt ceiling issues Redford revealed:

“It’s so divided now with the people that are so narrow and so limited that they would take us back into the past. And I was trying to figure out, why are these people behaving so stupidly? Why are they behaving so horribly that it’s crippling our whole country? And I think it has to do with fear. I think it’s a group of people that are so afraid of change, and they’re so narrow-minded that some people — when they see change coming — get so threatened by change, they get angry and they get terrorized, and then they get vicious. I think that’s who these people are. They’re so afraid of change that they’re behaving miserably.”

Redford believes Obama is a “compassionate” leader who can’t function in a paralyzed government where factions from the inside are attempting to slow and even stop the system.

When talking about women leading our country out of trouble Redford looks to female leaders.

“Susan Collins, who is a Republican, is saying: ‘Enough of this. This is not the job I signed up for. I’ve got to do something,’ ” said Redford, referring to the U.S. senator from Maine. “So she’s bringing a bipartisan group together of women. I think the future should belong more to women and young people.”

The old men of the U.S. Congress are doing very little to help the country, perhaps Redford is right and what we need is a full leadership change.

Here’s the actors full interview: