LAX Police Arrest: Dry Ice Explosions Were ‘A Kind Of Funny Joke’

dicarlo bennett

The man at LAX who was arrested for setting off dry ice explosions was a baggage handler at the airport. Dicarlo Bennett, aged 28, told police following his arrest that he thought setting the bombs off was a “game” and “a kind of funny joke.”

Michael Downing, Deputy Chief for the LAPD, said: “This guy was playing around. It was kind of a game to him. He thought it was funny. He had no intent to attack innocent victims. There was no political motive or agenda.”

He added: “But I think he was surprised because now he is in jail on a million dollars bail. But this is serious. And when you place a destructive device near an airplane, it bumps up the seriousness.”

Downing continued to speak about the fact that the dry ice explosions posed no threat in terms of security, but that they must be taken seriously by authorities. Downing said about the suspect: “I think he was kind of proud, thought it was funny.”

The chief of police at LAX, Patrick Gannon, assured the public that the airport is safe: “We want to reassure the traveling public, visitors and employees that LAX is safe and secure,” he said.

Bennett, who is employed by Servisair in their aviation ground services operation, faces charges on possession of an explosive device near an aircraft. Servisair said in an official statement:

“We are aware of the arrest of Dicarlo Bennett as a suspect in the recent incidents at LAX. We’re cooperating with authorities and will continue to monitor the situation closely. It is important at this early stage to allow law enforcement to continue their investigation, and we do not have any further comment at this time.”

It is not clear at this time what action will be taken against Dicarlo Bennett following his LAX police arrest. He is currently being held in lieu of $1 million bail.