Michael C. Hall: ‘Dexter’ Sequel Unlikely, But He Will Do A Broadway Play

Michael C. Hall will be performing in a Broadway play called TheRealistic Joneses, but what about a Dexter sequel?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, many Michael C. Hall fans weren’t happy with the Dexter finale, although a spinoff sequel may be in the works.

The writer of the Broadway play is named Eno. He was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for his one-man show Thom Pain (based on nothing). Other works include Middletown, Title and Deed, and Oh, the Humanity and other exclamations, a collection of five short plays.

This is how The Realistic Joneses is described so far:

“Meet Bob and Jennifer, and their new neighbors John and Pony, two suburban couples who have more in common than their identical homes and the same last name on their mailboxes.”

At this point we kind of figure the character of Michael C. Hall won’t be putting people in the ground this time around. Michael C. Hall will play the role of John Jones, but what exactly this entails we’re uncertain.

But most Michael C. Hall fans just want him to play as Dexter again. Unfortunately, despite talks about a Dexter sequel this seems unlikely. Michael C. Hall went on the Larry King show to promote his other works and when asked about a Dexter spinoff the actor said he cannot even “wrap [his] head” around a notion, and said that he would need to get way more distance from the character before even thinking about the possibility.

Are you surprised Michael C. Hall doesn’t seem to want to do a Dexter sequel and is instead focusing on Broadway plays?

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