Dexter Finale Spinoff Sequel Likely, Rumors Include Harrison Or Young Dexter Prequel

The Dexter finale left fans cut in two, with some happy or sad, but now a Dexter spinoff sequel seems very likely.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the released Dexter finale is different from what the former producer originally had in mind.

Showtime entertainment president David Nevins seems to be indicating that a Dexter finale spinoff sequel is certain:

“We spend a lot of time talking about how we keep the show alive, so it may be a more complicated original idea than just a spinoff…. We’re nowhere yet, but I do feel like Dexter is such a core franchise to Showtime. Arguably, Dexter is to Showtime what Spider-Man is to Sony or Batman is to Warner Bros., so I think it’s going to be important for us to keep it alive.”

In addition, Dexter executive producer Scott Buck signed onto Showtime with a two-year contract for unspecified new projects, some of which may be related to the Dexter finale. David Nevins didn’t say specifically this was the case but after announcing the deal he said, “Draw your own conclusions.”

After the Dexter finale, there’s also the question of what form a Dexter spinoff might take. The original rumor stated the Dexter spinoff would follow the Dexter finale and feature Debra Morgan as the primary character, but Jennifer Carpenter, who played as Deb Morgan, said, “I think I have played Deb from start to finish.”

Other Dexter spinoff rumors include the idea of following Dexter’s girlfriend Hannah around. More likely is the idea of jumping into the future to see the fate of Harrison, Dexter’s son who was also “born in blood” at one point before the Dexter finale. Another is the idea of following the characters at the Metro Police Department still alive after the Dexter finale.

Dexter fans are voting that the best idea for any of the Dexter finale spinoff rumors is having a Dexter prequel featuring a young Dexter learning “the code” from his stepfather, Harry.

With the Dexter finale behind, what rumored direction would you like to see the Dexter spinoff sequel take the series?

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