Miami Boat Capsizes: Four Migrant Woman Killed On ‘Overloaded Vessel’

Four Dead After Boat Capsizes Off Miami Coast

A small boat carrying 15 people capsized today off the coast of Miami killing four women. The boat had suspected migrants from Jamaica and Haiti on board; six women and nine men.

The vessel carrying the migrants was only 20 feet long. The U.S. Coast Guard said they found the survivors clinging onto the hull of the boat for life. One of the survivors was taken to a local hospital in Miami to receive medical attention.

When the Miami boat capsized, it was initially difficult for the Coast Guard to establish exactly how many people were on the vessel as they swept the area looking for survivors. Commander Darren Caprara from the U.S. Coast Guard Miami Sector said:

“We have every reason to believe that we have found all the people at sea. The final number was 15. It turned out to be nine males and six females.”

Petty officer Sabrina Laberdesque said to reporters: “One of the people on board the boat made the call. Ten of them are in Coast Guard custody.”

The bodies of the four woman who died were discovered when authorities restored the boat to its upright position in the water. It is not clear at this time what caused the Miami boat to capsize. A full investigation by authorities is underway.