Laos Plane Crash Kills 39 [Breaking, Report]

A Laos plane crash has killed at least 39 people today, initial reports from the scene indicate.

The Laos plane crash involved an ART twin-turbo plane carrying four dozen passengers. The Lao Airlines flight, QV301, was set to land shortly at Pakse airport at the time of the accident.

What is known so far is that the Laos departed Vientiane at 2:45 PM, crashing into the Mekong River at about 4 PM local time. Initial reports indicate “no casualties” among the 40 people on board, but Reuters later reported that 39 had been killed in the crash.

The Lao Airlines flight out of Vientiane was set to land at Pakse airport.

The crash of the Laos flight and details of the incident are largely being gathered from Thai television broadcasts, and details of the situation on scene are murky:

Official information on the Laos plane crash has yet to be confirmed.