Heil Obama! Huge Mall Sign Portrays Obama As Hitler [Video]

Obama Hitler

A video billboard outside of an Indiana mall showed a picture of President Barack Obama with a tiny Hitler ‘stache.

The billboard, which ran under a Cornerstone Plaza mall sign in Kendallville, showed the Obama Hitler image and then flashed to the words “Impeach” and “Obama.”

Despite the electronic billboard’s prominence on the property, the owner said that the images were paid advertisement and not associated with any of the businesses at the mall. It’s possible that the ad is from LaRouchePac, a political action committee formed by former U.S. Labor and Democratic presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche.

A LaRouchePac ad also ran on the billboard, along with a call to restore the Glass-Steagall Act, which limited activity between commercial banks and securities firms during the Great Depression. LaRouche’s PAC calls this the “indisputable first step to global economic recovery.”

LaRouche is notable for promoting a number of conspiracy theories and for being convicted in 1988 of mail fraud and tax code violations. His supporters have circulated material showing Obama with a Hitler mustache in the past, particularly at Tea Party rallies, and are known for confrontational and aggressive interaction techniques.

To wit, PAC members in Chicago wore signs that read: “Global warming: As fake as your girlfriend’s orgasm” in 2007.

Kendallville Mayor Suzanne Handshoe said that the message is inappropriate, regardless of the views of whoever paid for it. She added that the Obama Hitler billboard message does not reflect the city’s values. It has since been taken down after running for a fill day.