Idaho School Bomb Hoax Gets Boys Punished, Even Ones Not Involved

An Idaho school bomb hoax resulted in a new rule aimed only at boys. It wasn’t just the ones involved in the fake bomb threat, but all of them. This could result in a discrimination lawsuit if one of the innocent feels so inclined.

Thursday morning around 9:00 am, a bomb threat resulted in the evacuation of Bonners Ferry High School. After a search, it turned out the threat originated from the boys’ bathroom, but there was no bomb found on the scene. As a result, disciplinary action was taken as Boundary County School District declared on Saturday that the school was closed to all male students. No suspects were discovered; they just decided to punish all of the boys.

The email notice was sent to parents of all Bonners Ferry High School students on Saturday, along with a seemingly unrelated note that all school lunches must be brought from home or purchased at the school.

Could this mean that the bomb threat that started the Idaho school bomb hoax was found in a lunch bag in the boys’ bathroom? Otherwise, the two items in the email would seem randomly grouped. The school district has faced ten bomb hoaxes in the past year, and this is alarming.

Superintendant Dick Conley stated about the latest bomb hoax:

“Of course I think it’s serious. We’ll evacuate the whole school because a student [is] pulling a prank.”

Dick Conley has received several complaints from parents of male students stating that the school’s partial closing isn’t fair. He adds, “I agree with them. At the same time, bomb threats are not fair. Not fair to all the students.”

Fake bomb threats are never a laughing matter, as it involves the police getting involved in a prank, and they could be out solving actual crimes during that time. Everybody’s time is wasted. All the Idaho school has to go on is security footage showing boys entering the bathroom before the bomb hoax.

It may be that Bonners Ferry High School is waiting for the student or students involved in the bomb threat to confess to the Idaho school bomb hoax before it opens to male students again.