Wife Teases Husband Over Small Penis, Bed-Wetting, So He Kills Her

A Liverpool man is accused of murdering his wife of 24 years after she allegedly taunted him about his small penis and bed-wetting.

This week, Liverpool Crown Court heard the story of how John Clinton, 52, allegedly stabbed his wife four times before attempting to slit his own throat. Clinton had drunk 10 pints at his local pub and came home to find 48-year-old Paula on the phone talking about her intention to divorce him, reports The Mirror.

She was apparently on the line with the Citizens Advice Bureau when Clinton grabbed a knife and stabbed her body, hands and left eye. She was next spotted staggering down the street covered in blood before ultimately collapsing.

“It is apparent that the marriage was in some difficulties in the days leading up to her death and on the day itself,” said prosecutor Ian Unsworth. “Paula was seeking advice as to divorce and the financial arrangements which would follow.”

“According to things she said to others the reason she sought a divorce arose largely out of the defendant’s drinking, culminating with an incident in October when he was stopped by the police as he was driving his vehicle and had drunk in excess of the legal limit.

“That seems to have been the last straw so far as she was concerned.”

When police responded to the scene, they found that Clinton has cut both of his wrists and his own neck in a “serious attempt” to kill himself.

When armed officers arrived at the scene of the killing, they found Clinton had slashed his wrists and neck in a “serious attempt” to kill himself.

He told detectives that he decided to kill his wife after she teased him, asking who would look after his bed-wetting and his small manhood when she’s gone.

“I know it sounds thingy but I didn’t really mean to hurt her or kill her,” Clinton said of the incident, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Unsworth said that Clinton had actually threatened his wife before, and that his drinking problem had made him a bully, “and a dangerous one at that.”

Regardless, he will argue that Clinton had the presence of mind to knowingly commit murder.

“Whether it was the revelation that his wife was seeking financial advice of her own or something else that happened this man, with 10 pints inside him, lost his temper but still had the presence of mind to go into the kitchen select a knife from the drawer and go after his wife with it.”

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