The Top Internet Scams for 2010

It goes without saying that just as in real life our time spent on the Web will involve dealing with some pretty scummy people who will try to con you out of your information or personal information whIch they then will use for all kinds of things – none of them any good.

According the the report just out (pdf) from the FBI/National White Collar Crime Center’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) this past year, 2010, was no different as they saw a total of 303,809 complaints. This averages out at 25,000 per month and came mostly from men living in the U.S. between the age of 40 and 59.

While men still predominantly report Internet crimes to the center, the previous ratio of men reporting crimes 2.5 to 1 over women has dramatically narrowed, according to IC3. Now women are reporting crimes nearly equally, according to the report.

Though middle-aged people file the biggest number of complaints, those in the 60-and-over age group account for the demographic with the biggest rise in complaints in the IC3’s 10-year history, according to the report.

via Information Week

The geographical breakdown in the U.S. for reported cases: