2009 NFL Draft two years out: New York Jets

The 2009 NFL draft for the New York Jets really comes down to just two players. QB Mark Sanchez and RB Shonn Greene. It comes down to those two players because the Jets dealt most of their picks away to draft Sanchez, and the ultimate success of this draft class rests on his shoulders.

Before we get to all of that let us look at the relevant picks by the Jets:

•Round One (5)- QB Mark Sanchez
•Round Three (65)- RB Shonn Green
•Round Six (193)- OG Matt Slauson

It is hard to argue against the success of this class since the Jets have been to the AFC Championship both years since they made these decisions. However right now we have got to call Shonn Greene a miss since he has gained under 300 yards in those two seasons. Granted the additions to the Jets running game since this draft class may have something more to do with this, more then Greene’s actually ability. He has punched in four TD’s so maybe the Jets view him as just a short yardage guy.

Sanchez has not turned into a great NFL QB, but he is getting the job done. Is career QB rating is pretty low, and he has completed 54.4% of his passes. He has thrown for 29 TD’s and 33 INT’s. Those are not great numbers but the Jets run a scheme were he only has to mange the game. If he can cut down on his mistakes the Jets very well could win the Super Bowl Rex Ryan keeps promising to win.

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