Ted Nugent For President? Haircut, Comment Spark Rumors

ted nugent president

Could Ted Nugent be mulling a presidential run?

While the prospect of Ted Nugent in the White House scares the pants off approximately half of Americans, scarier still is the idea that probably half would vote the pants-soiling draft dodger into office despite a marked lack of political experience.

Recently, Nugent’s new haircut sparked a quip that (in the wake of the 2010 election’s outcome) struck fear into the hearts of progressive Americans everywhere.

Dialing back, Nugent’s wife, some blonde lady, posted a black and white shot of the couple to Instagram — with the conservative rocker’s locks neatly shorn off. Ted actually looked respectable in the pic, and he riffed on the new style in a recent radio interview.

Let us be the first to point out that the sole transcript of Ted Nugent’s president remark comes from a single source — which links back to a single “page not found” source. So really, it’s unclear what (if anything) Nugent may have said even in jest.

For accuracy’s sake, CBS is claiming The Nuge joked:

“Hi, I’m Ted Nugent. I have nine children from seven women, and I’m running for president… Yeah, I’m thinking about it.”

However, a longer quote at MLive.com seems to suggest the opposite, indicating that Nugent specifically mentioned a presidential bid not influencing his decision to lop off the old tresses:

“[Running for office] had nothing to do with it, but the threat of me running for public office is alive and well.”

The rocker has certainly been politically vocal in recent years, sounding off at various times to express his dislike for the president, his dislike for Trayvon Martin, and his dislike for… well, it seems like black people in general. And we’d like to point out that even though Nugent may be your cup of tea, America needs to quit electing people we like who have no idea how to navigate the political process — would you want Bon Jovi doing your heart surgery?

So it seems Ted Nugent is not running for president, thankfully. Let’s hope this getting out of hand doesn’t give anyone any ideas, because that would truly be a nightmare.