Buckingham Palace Security Questioned Following Arrest Of Third Intruder

Buckingham Palace security is being questioned following the arrest of three intruders. All three men were arrested for attempted burglary at the same location. The separate incidents occurred within the last two months.

Last month, two men were arrested near the north center gate. One of the men scaled the fence, while the other waited outside the palace. The first man was arrested on charges of burglary, criminal damage, and trespassing. His co-conspirator was arrested for conspiracy to commit burglary. Both men are currently free on bond pending a court appearance.

As reported by BBC, 44-year-old David Belmar was arrested on Tuesday. The suspect reportedly tried to gain access to the palace through the same gate. While searching the man, police recovered a knife.

Belmar was arrested for trespassing and possession of a weapon. Authorities report that nobody was harmed in the incident or during the arrest.

As reported by Express, the recent incidents have led to questions about Buckingham Palace security. Former head of Royal Protection, Dai Davies, said it is important to “review tactics and capabilities” following the intrusions.

Davies said it is customary to review procedures following any security breach. However, he said it is essential that the review is “professionally carried out by someone competent.” Davies suggests that an independent review may be necessary.

In September, overzealous Royal Protection officers detained Prince Andrew in the palace garden. The Duke of York was held at gunpoint with his hands in the air. When the officers eventually realized their mistake, they were mortified.

As reported by ABC News, Prince Andrew received an official apology from London’s Metropolitan Police, which he graciously accepted.

The bizarre and frightening incidents in recent months have raised questions about Buckingham Palace’s security procedures. Although nobody was harmed in the incidents, things could have ended much worse.

[Image via Wikimedia]