Luke Evans And Dominic Cooper Reunite For ‘Dracula Untold’ [Photos]

Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper are reuniting after a five years, for their new film Dracula Untold, which is currently in production in Northern Ireland and other locations.

The two British actors starred in the 2010 rom-com Tamara Drewe alongside Gemma Arterton in the role of Drewe. Evans played country handyman Andy Cobb, who had a life long crush on the not-so-pretty Tamara, while Cooper played a flashy rock star who completes the love triangle.

Now, as it happens many times in film, the pair is back together, according to Luke Evans’ Twitter, in which he announced:

“Today Dominic Cooper and I are back shooting together after 5 years. From Rock Star and country handyman in Tamara Drewe to Sultan and Vampire in Dracula!”

In this new take on the classic bloodsucking character, Prince Vlad, the name Dracula had before becoming the original vampire, is played by Luke Evans in his first leading role.

The film is based on Bram Stroker’s 1897 novel, who got his inspiration for Count Dracula, the character, from one of the best known figures in Romania’s history, Vlad Dracula, who went by the nickname of Vlad Tepes or Vlad the Impaler.

The synopsis for the movie is:

“The script tells of a young prince who, when the lives of his wife and child are put in danger by a bloodthirsty sultan, risks his soul to save them, and in the process becomes the first vampire.”

According to this snippet we can assume that Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper are going to be antagonists once again.

Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper will be back together on the big screen when Dracula Untold opens on October 3, 2014.

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