Ann Coulter Blames Liz Cheney, Republican ‘Shysters,’ For Losing Elections [Video]

Ann Coulter Blames Liz Cheney, Republican 'Shysters,' For Losing Elections

Ann Coulter is calling Liz Cheney and others Republican “shysters” for the GOP, blaming them for losing elections these past years.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Republicans Sarah Palin and Ted Crus are being accused by the Million Vet March of hijacking the event for political purposes.

So, according to Ann Coulter, who is hijacking the Republican Party? Ann Coulter isn’t shy about naming names:

“The problem is we have hucksters, shysters, people ripping off the Republican Party for their own self-aggrandizement, for their own egos, to make money. I would put Todd Akin, Newt Gingrich, Liz Cheney, Mark Sanford all in the same boat, and the consultants who persuaded Linda McMahon and John Raese to run.”

While Ann Coulter insists she “loves” Liz Cheney, she still thinks that setting up a primary contest with a “good Republican senator” was done only for Liz Cheney’s ego.

Sean Hannity came to Liz Cheney’s defense, claiming the daughter of Dick Cheney is “more conservative” than the Republican she’s competing with. Ann Coulter flatly disagrees:

“No, she isn’t. But that’s the point. There are a lot problems, we are not concentrating on winning, we are allowing shysters to take advantage of the Republican Party.”

Ann Coulter seems think the Republicans needs to concern itself with winning elections and GOP in-fighting is not helping. Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter also seem to disagree on the appropriate balance for conservative principles, with both the Tea Party and establishment Republican sharing the blame.

Do you agree with Ann Coulter that Republican need to focus more on winning elections and less on their principles?