‘Pokemon X And Y’ Save Glitch In Lumiose City Detailed

'Pokemon X and Y' save glitch details and possible fixes

A Pokemon X and Y save glitch has been discovered in Lumiose City, and we’re here to uncover the details surrounding it and offer a possible fix.

Glitches in games are actually normal. Game testers are there to ensure the glitches are eliminated, but the game testers are only human, and will make mistakes. Hence, glitches will almost always get through. Video games are like machines in this way. The more there is involved, the more there will be to potentially break down, and as new video game generations arrive, there are more and more chances those glitches will slip through the cracks.

Pokemon X and Y is a marvel that many fans of the series are calling the game Pokemon should have been from the start. Of course this doesn’t mean the game doesn’t have its flaws.

The Pokemon X and Y save glitch is the first one found in the relatively new title from Nintendo. It seems to be random, or to depend on the copy you got, but general consensus is that it revolves around taxis in Lumiose City.

Apparently when you save your game outside the streets of Lumiose City while a taxi is going by, and then resume playing from there, the game will freeze while the background music keeps playing. There are various versions of this glitch, involving being inside buildings or putting the 3DS in sleep mode instead of turning it off, but the glitch seems to always have the taxis involved.

One suggestion to avoid the Pokemon X and Y save glitch is while you’re in Lumiose City, avoid saving your game when there are taxis nearby, and if you can’t avoid it, put your 3DS in sleep mode instead of turning it off until you resume playing again.

The other possible solution is to make a habit of saving your game in Pokemon Centers, as that always seems to work without a hitch.

Follow the above suggestions to possibly avoid the Pokemon X and Y save glitch, and above all, just have fun.